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     You had no words, no thoughts starring down at the lavender envelope in your hands. On it, engraved in gold lettering was the one thing that could single-handedly leave you at a loss for words. It was a wedding invitation, and not for just anyone...your ex-boyfriend, Grayson. You see, you two were madly in love from the ages of 15 to 19, then a stupid fight ended everything. 

     What the fight was about, you couldn't even remember anymore. All you could do was feel the heartbreak and pain all over again. He'd only been with Avery for a little over a year and now all the sudden he was marrying her? You wanted to be happy since you'd both moved on, or at least that's what you told yourselves. But why invite your ex-girlfriend to your wedding?

      "So are you going?" Your roommate asks as she sits with you in the apartment laundry room, waiting for your clothes to dry. "Hell no." You laugh as if the answer was obvious. "Why not? He wouldn't have invited you if he didn't want you to come." She says, eating a bag of corn chips she got from the vending machine. "Well, he's insane. Why would I want to go and watch my first and only love get married to some chick he's only known for like a year and a half?" You ask, stealing one of the chips from the crinkled, red bag. "Are you still in love with him?" She asks, wiggling her brows. "No Ivy. I moved on a long time ago." She just rolled her eyes and continued shoving chips down her throat.

     After you and Gray had broken up, it didn't feel the same living in the apartment you both used to share so you planned on moving out. You wanted so badly to stay in LA, but the rent was too expensive for one person so you looked through the newspaper before finding an ad. An ad for a roommate, the person asking? Ivy. You met her the next day and the two of you clicked instantly and within a week you were moved in and practically best friends. Before long you had told her all about Grayson and she understood, something similar had happened to her and her ex, except he cheated on her with her own sister.

     When you got back upstairs Ivy changed into her sunshine yellow scrubs and grabbed her bag. "I'm working a double tonight, so I'll see you sometime tomorrow afternoon." She called out before fishing her keys from the bowl and opening the door. "I still think you should go!" She yells and then slams the front door shut. You rolled your eyes at her persistence and started folding your laundry. There was no way you were going to watch him tie the knot. But you couldn't help the memory that came to your mind while hanging t-shirts up. 

     It was Grayson and Ethans 17th birthday party and they were back home to celebrate with family. You still lived in Jersey seeing as you were still a Senior in high school. Both boys were sat in front of their birthday cake while everyone sang. His back was pressed against your chest as you stood behind him with your arms draped over his shoulders. You were both so happy and in love in that very moment. As the song came to an end both of the twins closed their eyes and made their silent wish before blowing out the melting candles. "What did you wish for?" You ask, whispering in his ear while Lisa sliced the cake. He turned, kissing your hand and whispered, "To one day marry you." back. You blamed yourself really. You'd always been warned that if you spilled about your wishes, they wouldn't come true. 

     It had been three days since you got the invite, already managing to lose it even though you swore you'd left it on your dresser. You probably threw it out, but it didn't matter, it was just a reminder that he had moved on. Ivy came into the living room where you were watching Real House Wives and grabbed the remote, making the screen go black. "What was that about? It was just getting good!" You squeak, jumping up on the couch and pointing desperately at the black screen. She tossed the remote onto the other couch and grabbed her keys. "Come on. We need to go find something to wear this weekend, our closets are sad." She says, slipping on her sandals and opening the door. "Where are we going?" You ask, unaware of the plans she'd made. "The wedding!" She says as if you should have known already. "I told you I'm not going." You remind, crawling over to the other couch. "Well as far as they know, you are. I RSVP'd you and your plus one, me!" She says throwing your shoes toward you. That's why your invite had gone missing, she took it.  

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