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An Accident That Happens To You At The Warehouse:


Ethans face was bright red after you had told him that you misplaced the promise ring he'd given you as an anniversary present a few months ago. "I can't believe you lost it in the foam pit." He says, dragging his fingers through his dark curls. 

"I'm sorry E, I didn't think it would come off." You say, but he just groaned as a response. You knew it had to be in the foam pit since that's where you and Ethan had been for the past few hours, but with over 8,000 blocks it would take forever to find it.

You decided to start digging anyway, throwing the foam onto the ground, finding random shoes and change along the way. Ethan hadn't said a word to you the whole time, he was still angry that it fell off in the first place. "You realize this isn't my fault right?" You ask, waist deep in foam. Ethan looked at you and shook his head.

"Then who's fault is it?" He dares.

"I can't believe you. We both know I didn't lose it on purpose Grant!" You always used his middle name on purpose. 

"Didn't you though? I mean seriously y/n, you've been a little distant lately. I wouldn't be surprised if you flushed it because you don't want me anymore." He says, with as much venom in his voice that he could gather. That hurt. You loved Ethan more than anyone could ever love another person. That ring he gave you meant the world to you and you were heartbroken that it wasn't on your finger.

"This is bullshit. I'm done. So whenever or if you do find that stupid ring, I don't want it anymore since apparently, it doesn't seem like I want it anyway!" You yell, climbing out of the box and stomping towards the door with tears pouring down your cheeks. You were over.



     You and Gray weren't officially a couple yet but you spent every free moment together. Today was no exception, he had planned a small date at the warehouse for the two of you. Your first 'dates' were more active like hiking, cliff jumping or skating, which you were awful at. So having a nice, calm, safe date was a nice change.

     You arrived at the warehouse a little before five to surprise Grayson. You were dressed in a simple pair of black yoga pants, a large white hoodie from their merch store (BUY THEIR MERCH) and a white pair of Nike downshifters. You didn't get dressed up since Grayson always ended up being a little too adventurous and you couldn't do it in a dress. 

     You unlocked the door with a spare key that he had given you when you first started 'dating' and walked inside. The lights were all out which was since they always had them on, even when they weren't there. You came around the corner and heard him moving around in the dark. "Gray?" You call out into the darkness. 

     "Shit, you scared me." He laughs, making you laugh as well. "What are you doing here?" He asks, his footsteps approaching you before his hands found yours. 

     "I wanted to surprise you, which I did." You laugh.

     "That's true. I was going to jump out and scare you when you got here, but looks like that's off the table." He says, reaching over you and flicking the lights on. You could then see his gorgeous and eyes and tiptoed to peck his cheek. Another thing you'd never done was kiss. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink. 

     "What's first?" You ask, swinging his hands with your own. 

     "I ordered pizza." He says, proud of himself. 

     You followed him to a little fold-out table with a pineapple pizza in the middle and two naked smoothie drinks on either side. Gray ran up behind you and pulled out the plastic chair, allowing you to sit before he scooted you in. "What a gentleman." You say, reaching up to pinch his cheek.

     After you ate, Grayson wanted to show you some of his flips. You agreed and sat where he told you to so you'd be out of the way. You watched him bounce around and you were actually pretty impressed with his skill. That was until he lost his footing and fell right on top of you.

     You shrieked as a sharp pain shot through your ankle that had twisted under Grayson weight. "O-oh my god y/n I am so sorry!" He whispers in worry. You could tell he was internally freaking out but trying to stay calm for you. "Come on, let's get you to the emergency room." With that being said he carefully picked you up off the ground like you were so delicate you could shatter with one wrong move. Which you kind of did. 

     At the emergency room, after almost an hour of waiting and Grayson telling you how sorry he was, they took x-rays and just as you thought, it was broken. The nurse left the room to do whatever needed to be done so you could leave. Grayson sat right beside you, holding your hand as if you were about to die and he'd never see you again. "I am so sorry." he says once again for what could be the 100th time since it happened. 

     "Grayson, I'm not mad at you. Accidents happen." You say, rubbing the stubble on his jaw. His face softened some at your touch and leaned his head against your thigh. 

     "So you still want to see me?" He asks in hope. You shook your head telling him no. His eyes began to well up in tears as he knew how much he'd messed up tonight. "I understand, after this I'll drive you home and you'll never hear from me again. I swear." he mutters, holding back every tear that was fighting to escape.

     "Gray. I don't want to see you because this whole dating thing is just stupid. I mean come on, whenever people ask us what we are we say that we just really like each other. And I was fine with that, but after tonight I realized something. I don't like you, Grayson. I love you and you may not feel that way. But I want to be with you as your girlfriend, not as one of the many girls who like you." You explain, continuing to rub his face. He wiped his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt.

     "I love you too." and with that, he kissed your lips. You knew the moment Grayson kissed you, it would be like nothing you'd ever felt before and oh boy, you were right! But you also didn't expect it to be in the emergency room with a fucked up ankle. "So, I'm hoping this means that I can be your boyfriend now?"

     "Most definitely." 


Okay so on Ethans I think I'm going to make part two a short imagine for him for lack of creativity. I just wanted them both to be close to the same length!

-Renee (:

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