Wasted Chances | G.D.

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     There was not a single doubt in this world that you were attracted to Grayson. He was the human embodiment of perfection. That's why his persistency on you going on a date with him freaked you out beyond measure. Sure you've gone out for dinner and done things with the twins before. But that was as friends and Ethan was always around to make the number uneven, which made you comfortable. 

     Grayson Bailey Dolan is one of the worlds sweetest humans, and honestly, you could not find a single blemish in him no matter how hard you tried. So, why did him finding interest in you terrify you so badly? Possibly because of your own flaws that seemed so obvious to you. You did well at hiding them when you were around him for short periods of time, but what about when it's just the two of you and your nerves are through the roof?

     He'd been asking you out continuously for months, just as you've been turning him down. It was easy at the beginning because you assumed his attentiveness was a joke. But now almost ten months later it was becoming harder and harder to look into his gorgeous hazel green eyes and say no. 

     As per usual it was part of your weekly routine to stop at their house on Saturday afternoons right at lunch to eat with them and then help them get their house back in order. For two boys who are in and out of their home all the time, they could really manage to rake up a hell of a mess by the end of the week.

     You parked your car behind Ethans and strutted up to the open front door where small amounts of smoke were wafting into the outside atmosphere. "What the hell?" You ask out loud, making your way into the foggy house. You had to cover your mouth and nose with the arm of your jacket in order to breath. Ethan was opening the windows and the back door while Grayson tended to the cause of the exhaust. As you got closer and looked down in the trashcan you could see a charred pizza. Grayson became aware of your presence and gave you a welcoming smile, holding a dish towel to his face. "What happened?" You cough. He ushered you from the room and into his bedroom where the smoke had not reached, allowing both of you to breathe without having to hold a cloth to your face.

     "Hey, babe." Grayson greets finally, giving you a hug and an amorous wink. You rolled your eyes at his attempt of flirting with you like he always did and responded with the burning question. "What happened here?" His facial expression changed from confident to defeated and then to annoyed before he replied, "I left to get groceries and told Ethan there was a pizza in the oven. Well for some reason he didn't think that meant taking it out until I got back an hour later." He huffs in frustration. Just as he had finished his mini-rant, the culprit himself came barging into the room with a guilty expression. "So- we aren't having pizza for lunch." Ethan laughs, doing his best to lighten the mood. It worked. 

     "Well, we can always have lunch at my place and I'll cook." You offer, planting a hand on Ethans shoulder, letting him know you weren't mad at him like Gray was. "What would you make?" He asks curiously, his eyebrow half-cocked. "We can take another crack at pizza." You say bringing a smile to the older twins face. "As long as he isn't allowed within fifteen feet of the kitchen, I'm happy." Grayson says, pointing a finger at his brother. You laughed and promised him that much could be promised.

     You waited in your car for the boys to change out of their vapor filled clothes and into new ones so they didn't stink up your small apartment or vehicle. Once they finished you weren't surprised that Ethan darted to the passenger seat like he typically did, leaving Grayson stuck in the back. "I call shotgun on the way back..." He mumbles from the backseat. Shaking your head in amusement you put the car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway. "Okay, first stop is the grocery store to get the supplies we need and then we can go to my lovely home to become chefs...except for you E." You joke, in return getting a flick to the shoulder from a blushing Ethan. They argued the entire car ride about dumb stuff like who got shotgun and how Ethan was an idiot for basically smoking them out of their home.

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