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     Through the entire day, I felt like I was constantly being watched by Ty as if he was waiting for me to talk to Y/N so he'd have an excuse to kick my ass. Somehow I'd gotten lucky considering I hadn't seen her all day unlike usual. I missed it. I'd grown so fond of her in the short week I'd gotten to know her. She was unusual, I liked it. She sparked something in me, let's just say Hallee Davis was nothing but another pretty face when compared to Y/N. I had feelings for this girl, strong ones. But now I knew I could never act on them.

     Grayson ended up being sick this morning, allowing him the luxury of staying home. Meaning I had to be completely alone for eight hours. Most Fridays were full of tests and quizzes so at least I knew there wouldn't be any time for conversations. 

     A matter of fact the day surprisingly went by quickly. It was now the last period of the day and all I had to do was write an essay and I'd be allowed to go home to my safe place, my room. As I walked in my eyes instantly landed on her, the most beautiful girl that my eyes had ever seen. She was wearing a loose cream-colored crewneck, white leggings and cream keds, with her curly hair, pulled into a bun on the top of her head. Her attention was on her phone, where she intently watched whatever was on the screen, a small smile tugging at her lips, revealing a single dimple on her cheek. 

     I wanted so badly to go and sit with her, but I preferred not to get pummeled by Ty, so instead, I made my way to the back of the room and sat at my table alone. Ms. Garish walked in with a tired smile and let out an exaggerated sigh. "Okay guys! It's essay day! I want you to sit with your partner and go over your experiences before writing, okay?" She asks, looking around at us. Without hesitation, my classmates stood up to maneuver around the room to sit with one another. I looked up from my binder, seeing my partner walking down the middle of the aisle towards me, with her orange binder in her arms. "Hey." She whispers, sitting down beside me, not making eye contact. Did I do something wrong? 

     I allowed my mind to wander around all the possibilities of why she could be angry with me. "Why did you say that about me?" She asks, finally gazing up at me. Her large beautiful eyes were saddened at whatever she was talking about. "I don't know what you mean." I respond truthfully. She stayed quiet, searching my eyes for any sense of untruth. "Then why would Ty tell me you think I'm childish?" She asks, crossing her cloth covered arms across her chest. Ty, of course, he would say something like that.

     "Y/N, I never said anything to Ty about you. I didn't even know he was your brother until this morning when he yelled at me." I explain. "He yelled at you?" Shit. I probably shouldn't have brought that up to her. He's going to mutilate me. "Uh, yeah-no big deal. Same old stuff." I lie, hoping she'd believe me. "I know what you mean. He's an asshole." She laughs, finally letting a smile break out onto her face. I hadn't even noticed the grin on my own until she complimented my slight dimple. Her happiness was contagious, either that or I was falling for her which was also very possible.

    Twenty minutes into class Ms. Garish had us go back to our seats and start on our essay, but that didn't stop Y/N for turning around to send me a sweet smile when she felt my eyes on her. This girl was going to get me killed. So why was I okay with that? 

     I barely finished my paper when Ms. Garish told us to start packing our things up and turn our essays into the box. I stood up, making my way to the front of the classroom, receiving random papers from people who didn't want to get up. I put the small stack in the yellow tray and felt a small hand on top of mine. "Sorry..." Y/N whispers, letting the small page with beautiful handwriting settle on top of the others. Her cheeks were a soft pink, making her freckles more noticeable. "It's okay." I assure, dropping the stack and shoving my hands into my jean pockets. "So we're still friends, right?" She asks, tilting her head some in question. I smiled and nodded letting her know her brother wouldn't scare me away. Then the bell rang.

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