Reunion | G.D.

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     When you met Grayson parents for the first time you were a complete disaster, so much so that to this very day two months later you're still confused as to why they like you. So when you invited Grayson to join you for a weekend at your Grandparents lake house for your annual family reunion you were stunned, to say the least with how quickly he agreed. He had never met your parents, or any of your family for that matter so you were astounded when he became more excited than you were about going. You had no doubts that they would adore him, but you were expecting at least a little hesitation from him.

     According to the the GPS in Graysons Bronco, the drive to the cabin was cutting close to seven hours. He didn't seem worried though if anything he looked as if he'd burst out of joy. The night before the three-day trip you went over what you would need to pack. Grayson would call off items on the pre-made list from your mother and you would triple check to make sure you both had the items. "Bathing suit." You gave him a thumbs up, after finding his grey trunks and your peach colored bikini. "What else?" You ask, waiting for him to speak. "That's it babe, end of the list. You have everything, now can we please go to bed?" Grayson pleads, putting your phone on the nightstand and setting the suitcases on the ground by the door. You sighed, knowing you were exaggerating the situation but you just wanted to be prepared. Your family liked to tease you on how forgetful you were, so having Grayson around was a blessing. You gave in and crawled into the bed beside him. He smiled and pulled you close to where your back was pressed flush against his bare chest, with his head nuzzled securely into the crook of your neck. "Oh, by the way, don't mention the fact that we sleep together. My parents don't know and if they find out they'll freak." You say earning a groan from him. "So I have to go for three nights without you in bed with me?" He pouts, pecking the shell of your ear. "It's how it has to be." You mumble, falling into a night of tired sleep.

     You groaned when the annoying alarm of your phone went off at exactly three in the morning. You sighed, switching it off and moving Grayson's heavy arm from your waist. "Babe, we gotta get ready." You mumble, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and pushing at his broad shoulder. Usually, it was a hard task to get him out of bed but he knew how important today was for you, so he chose not to be stubborn. "Are you going to shower before we go?" He asks, removing the blankets from his waist. "No, I'll take too long. I'll have one tonight." You say, slipping off the mattress and grabbing the outfit laid out the night before. Since the majority of the day will be spent in the car you picked something comfortable. A pair of simple black leggings, Graysons red Adidas sweater that went down right below your hip with a pair of red Nikes. 

     While you got dressed Grayson hopped in the shower, allowing you a short amount of time to grab him something comfortable to wear since he'd pick jeans. His clothes were neatly put away, thanks to your organization skills so everything was easy to find. Settling for a pair of dri-fit Nike track pants, a plain black t-shirt, and black slides. You walked into the bathroom setting the clothes on the laundry basket lid. "Babe, I picked you out an outfit. It's on the bin." You speak, grabbing your toothbrush and covering it in a hearty amount of minty paste. "Thank you beautiful." He chimes from behind the shower curtain. You brushed your teeth, humming along to the music coming from Grayson's phone on the bathroom counter. "YOU'RE WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL GIRL! THAT'S WHY IT'LL NEVER WORK!" He belts out, making you almost choke on the toothpaste in your mouth. "Did you like that?" He asks, poking his head out of the shower. You gave him a thumbs up, still laughing and finished up in the restroom. 

     You had decided on leaving as early as possible and getting breakfast on the way. Due to leaving so early, there little to no cars for the first hour and lucky for you, Starbucks opened at 5. Grayson pulled through to the speaker and ordered for both of you. "Good morning. Can I get a venti iced caramel macchiato with coconut milk, a venti green tea frapp with almond milk, ham and cheese croissant and chicken sausage and bacon biscuit, please?" Grayson asks, rubbing his eyes. After the order was placed he pulled up to the window to retrieve your wake up food. You thanked him by pecking his cheek and putting his straw in his cup for him. 

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