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     To say that you were nervous about today was an understatement. Today was the day that you took your son home from the hospital. The first day that it would just be you, Ethan and Dylan. Ethan was sweet enough to repack your hospital bag while the nurse helped you get Dylan situated in the car seat.  "Okay, I'm going to go and get the car warmed up and then I'll come and get you guys." Ethan says, throwing the bag over his shoulder. You nodded and rocked the car seat gently with your foot, lulling your tiny baby to sleep. 

     A little while later Ethan returned and picked up the car seat while a nurse helped by pushing you out to the car in a wheelchair. Dylan was bundled up in a hoard of blankets to keep his body warm and you wore one of Ethans hoodies. The nurse helped you into the back seat while Ethan secured the carrier into place beside you. "Drive safe, you wouldn't want anything bad happening to that baby." The Nurse says with a sweet grin. "Don't worry, nothing bad is ever happening to him." Ethan confirms, closing the car door. You shed a few of the blankets from the top of him so he wouldn't get over-heated and looked up at Ethan who had just got into the car. "Are you ready for the rest of life?" You ask and he chuckles. "I've been ready since you came into my life. He's just an added bonus." He says, staring at you through the mirror. You blushed deeply and blew him a kiss. With that, he started driving to the twins house. 

     Grayson, Emma, and James were left in charge of setting up the crib and changing table in the nursery since all the furniture had come yesterday afternoon. You had painted the room a soft yellow months ago so the room shouldn't have the rotten paint smell. 

     Ethan pulled up in front of the house and turned the car off. "I'm going to get him and then I'm going to come around and get you, so stay seated please." He says and you roll your eyes. He's been so protective ever since you found out about your pregnancy. You watched him get out and go to the passenger side of the car to get Dylan out and then around to help you out. His arm was secured around your waist as he waddled the three of you to the door. You opened it since you were the only one with a free hand and stepped inside. Instantly you were greeted by three smiling faces. "Can we see him?" Emma asks with a growing smile on her face. You nodded, but Ethan looked like he was going to freak. "Ethan, let them see the baby." You say. He was hesitant but set the car seat on the coffee table. You pulled him to you, allowing the others to admire the new member of the group. 

     "Guys, he's so cute." James says, looking from the baby to the two of you. You thanked him and sent Ethan to the car to get your hospital bag that had his diapers and formula inside it. "Can I hold him?" Grayson asks, holding his small hand in his massive one. "Of course Gray, he's your nephew." You laugh, giving him the go ahead. He carefully removed the blankets and unclipped the belts, gently raising him from the seat to place him against his chest. "You'd better not drop my kid." Ethan warns, putting the bag on the floor. "I wouldn't hurt him E." Grayson confirms, sitting down on the couch and rubbing his tiny back. 

     "What name did you guys decide on?" Emma asks, sitting next to Grayson. "Dylan Parker." Ethan says, sitting on the couch and pulling you into his lap. "I like that name." James says, Emma, nodding in agreement. Grayson stayed quiet, enjoying the feeling of his tiny nephew curled up to his chest. Although everything was going fine and the baby was content, Ethan stayed completely still with his eyes locked on Grayson every move as if he was going to throw your son out the window. 

     After a few hours, James and Emma went home and you layed Dylan down in his crib. Luckily, Ethan had loosened up some after he realized that no one had intentions on hurting him. Grayson was making food and Ethan was sitting at the counter on his laptop. "It's weird." Grayson says right as you were about to turn the corner. "What is?" You hear Ethans voice ask, keys still typing signaling that he never looked up. "I've only been around Dylan for maybe three hours this whole time he's been born but I love him so much. Like I know he's not my kid but I'd never let anything happen to him. I don't know, I just felt like it was something I needed to tell you." Grayson explains. His fingers quit hitting the keys, probably looking at his brother now. "I trust you, Gray, you know that. I was just scared earlier, I mean I'm completely new to this and I know you wouldn't let him get hurt or Y/N for that matter. You an amazing person and out of all people I'm glad I have you as my brother." Ethan says. You didn't want to ruin the moment, so instead Dylan began to scream his high pitch cry.

     By the time you were turned around two large figures had already run past you and down the hall into the nursery. Why they both went? You'll never know, but seeing both of them leaning over the side of the crib made your heart happy. Ethan was for sure already the best Dad in the world and Grayson was obviously going to be a great Uncle. "Hey buddy, it's Daddy. It's okay." Ethan coos, lifting his weensy frame from the small mattress and holding him against his chest in attempts to calm him. The crying stopped abruptly making both the boys chuckle. "Wow, he has your eyes man." Grayson whispers, scared to startle the baby. It was true, Dylan had the same hazel-green eyes as Ethan. You left to tend to the food since you knew your son was in capable hands. 

     A bit later arms were wrapped around your waist and kisses were planted on your shoulder. "I love you, have I ever told you that?" He asks, humming in my ear. "I think you may have mentioned it once or twice." You joke. "Well I do, a lot. Just when I thought there was no way you could make me any happier, you go and give birth to the most perfectly made human I've ever seen. You never cease to amaze me beautiful." He says, making your cheeks flush at his words. "I can't take all the credit. It took two to make that handsome little boy. So thank you for contributing." You wink, moving a pot of noodles off the burner. "It was my pleasure." He says squeezing your hips, making you squeak. "Guys I said I loved Dylan, I didn't say I wanted another one." Grayson calls from behind you. 

     You rolled your eyes and turned around ready to send him a snarky comment, but instead your heart filled with love. He was carrying around a wide-awake Dylan. You were actually surprised that Ethan was still at your side, trying the homemade pasta sauce instead of co-holding the baby. "He keeps trying to lift his head and look around." Grayson chuckles, keeping his hand where Dylan couldn't sling his head back. 

     You finished dinner while the twins played with Dylan on the living room floor. You even snuck in a few pictures. Grayson did end up having to go after a phone call, leaving you alone with your two boys. Ethan was hovering over his son, making faces while Dylan wiggled and stretched his limbs, never taking his eyes off his Daddy's face. The moment made your heart melt, so you decided to join. "He's perfect." Ethan says, letting the baby wrap his hand around his pinky. "We did such an amazing job." You reply, leaning down to kiss his small button nose. You loved your little family and just from the three short days of being together you knew that he was going to make an incredible father, just as he was a boyfriend.



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