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     "Y/N! We're going over to Jame's apartment to make a video, do you want to come?" Ethan yells from where your assuming is the bathroom. You frowned since it was supposed to be his 'free day' and the tow of you had plans to go and spend the day hiking. You walked into the bathroom across the hall where he was fixing his hair. You pouted and wrapped your arms around his torso and lay your head on his back.

     "You promised it was our day." You whine slightly. He sighed, setting down his comb and turning around to face you with a sorry expression.

     "I know and we're still going to. But I completely forgot that Grayson and I agreed to record with him today. Please don't be mad. It won't take long at all, it's just a spicy food challenge. And Emma will be there, you love Emma." He says trying to convince you. You still weren't excited but after hearing that one of your favorite people would be present you agreed. You left him alone to finish getting ready and got dressed yourself. 


     James answered the door with no makeup on, which surprised you since he usually recorded with a full face done. "Hey Sisters!" he greeted, moving to the side so we could come in. You held onto Ethan's hand until you saw Emma sitting on the couch. You bailed and jumped next to her. embracing her in a hug. 

     "Y/N!!" She squeals, hugging you back just as tight. Grayson yelled your name mocking her and sitting behind you. Emma punched him in the arm and turned back to you.

     "Are you in the video today?" She asks since you usually didn't join Ethan. You took those moments to clean the house. But since the two of you had plans after you came with.

     "No, what's it about?" You ask, curious since Ethan didn't go into detail when explaining it earlier.

     "So basically we break into partners do a not my arms challenge. Then you have to feed your partner spicy foods. Whoever spits their food out the most are the losers and have to do a bunch of different tasks, while still in the same shirt." She explains and you laugh, excited to see how it would all go down. You assumed that whoever would be on Ethan's team would lose since he's so dramatic.

     You sat on a chair behind the camera once they started recording and doing the intro. In order for Ethan not to be distracted by you through the video you sat out of his sight, but you had a view of all of them. "Okay sisters, in this hat is our names. Grayson will draw and whoever he gets will be his partner. And whoever is left will be with Ethan." James finishes and points the hat towards Grayson. He pulled out a slip of paper and read of James name. "Okay, so Grayson and I against Ethan and Emma!" He says, wrapping himself around Grayson's arm. 

     You helped Emma and Ethan into the same t-shirt. Although you knew it was for a video and they were nothing more than friends it still made you uncomfortable. "I love you." You mouth to him before disappearing out of his sight and sitting in your seat. Emma sat behind him, as the 'hands' and kept covering his eyes or pulling his cheeks. The laughter that erupted from his chest made you shift slightly, making you wish you would have stayed home.

     "First item, a habanero pepper!" James says from behind Grayson. They both grabbed one and put them in the twins mouths. Just like you had expected, not even two seconds later Ethan and had spit it out on the counter. 

     "Yes!" Grayson yells, finishing the pepper inside his mouth. You kept your eyes locked on Ethan who was now making faces at the camera. "Okay, next one is a spoonful of Tobasco hot sauce." Grayson says nodding at the contents in front of them. 

     You laughed some watching them try to pour it on the spoons without making a mess. Emma was laughing and slowly brought the spoon up to your favorite pair of pink lips. Ethan barely put his tongue out and started spitting and trying to escape the shirt. You covered your mouth trying not to laugh.

     Five spicy foods and a huge mess later, James and Grayson were celebrating their success. Meanwhile, Emma was scolding Ethan. The first punishment was trying to do a pushup. You followed them into the den where there was more space and watched the train wreck go down. It started out simple, pushups then putting on a pair of giant pants. Easy stuff.

     Then they went outside where they had to try and swim from one end of the pool to the other. What made you uncomfortable was the fact that Ethan had stripped down to his boxers so he didn't ruin his clothes you two would hike in. You clenched your fists, watching his toned body disappear under the red shirt, Emma giggling right beside him. You tried calming down but it was no use. She was perfect. She was thin, looked gorgeous with and without makeup, not to mention both of the boys loved her to pieces. And what did you have other than Ethan? You had tummy rolls that made you uncomfortable in bikinis or tight clothing, you looked like a truck without makeup, and you were the complete opposite of Ethan. You'd always wondered why he even liked you, let alone loved you.

     You were jerked out of your thoughts when a dark shadow cast over your figure. You looked up meeting Ethan's gorgeous hazel eyes that always made you weak to your knees. He was soaked and stuck his hand out to you. "Let me dry off and we can go." he says, helping you up. You grabbed his clothes and gripped his hand tightly while you waited for the others. Your eyes fell on Emma who was also wet from head to toe. Her clothes clung to her petite shape. You glanced back up at Ethan who was trying to dry himself off with a towel. You couldn't help but grab his face and kiss him softly which he gladly accepted. You didn't realize how long you had held the kiss until Grayson cleared his throat. "Sorry..."Ethan blushes, pulling away and giving your small hand a quick squeeze. 

     After Ethan got dressed you both got into the car and drove to your destination. You had agreed on hiking to the Hollywood sign. Most of the car ride was either just listening to the radio or Ethan talking about something funny that James had done while recording. You just smiled, still slightly upset about the whole Emma situation. You knew nothing was going on and that Ethan loved you but you were insecure. Ethan literally had millions of girls who would do anything to be with him. But he still chose to give his love to. You never understood it.

     You'd been hiking up the trail for about an hour, barely being apart of the conversation. You were still uneasy about what you were feeling. "Babe, what's wrong? You've barely said a word to me since this morning. Are you still mad about us not leaving sooner?" He asks, coming close to you and stroking your cheek.

     "Why do you love me?" You blurt out, taking him by surprise. 

     "(Your full name) I love you because you're you. From the very second, I met you I knew you were meant for me. Because you never give up on me, even when I give up on myself. You push me to be the best possible person I can be. You care about me more than anyone ever has, even Gray. Every time I'm hurt you're always at my side, making sure I'm okay even if it's just a bump or bruise. Baby, I love you because of how honest you are, you never keep your opinion to yourself, especially when it matters most. Ever since I started talking to you, it's been easier for me to love myself. I hated who I was before I met you. You make me feel like I'm worth having around. I love you because of who you are and the amount of effort you put not only into our relationship but the amount of effort you put into me. You tolerate my bullshit more than anyone else. I love you every last inch of you, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. And if you ever doubt that please tell me because my job is to keep you as happy as I can. You're the love of my life and I plan on marrying you one day and spending the rest of my life by your side whether you like it or not. You're stuck with me." He says. You were in tears by now from his sweet words and the fact that he said he planned on marrying someday in the future. You two had never even mentioned the thought of marriage.

     "I love you so much E!" You say, tears bucketing down your cheeks as you jumped into his arms. You didn't bother telling him about Emma since you knew it was stupid and pointless. He loved you and that you knew for sure, no questions asked. 

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