Untitled Part 22

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Halsey's P.O.V 

As I made my way to the venue my phone began to ring I check the caller I'D and it was G. I answered the phone.

"Hello," I said

" Why did you leave without waking me and saying bye," he said sounding a little irritated. 

" Because I didn't want to wake you up G I know you had gotten home from the studio late and you looked so peaceful and I didn't want to wake you." I replied 

"Baby it does not matter I wanted to come with and drop you guys off and say bye, I don't like that you just left while I sleeping and didn't even wake me up to let me know that you were leaving." he said

" I'm sorry babe I won't do it again." I said 

" Better not, how was your flight baby?" he asked

" It was long, we are almost at the venue and I'm going to do sound check and look at the set and make sure that everything is in order and its exactly the way I wanted, then I have to get ready for a quick interview and then ill head back for my Meet and greet, then we will get the show started and then once that is done we will be heading to the next city."  I said 

"sounds busy make sure you eat and stay hydrated and get as much rest as you can baby, im about to head in the studio so I will call once you are done Good luck baby you are going to do great and then later ill call Matt to see when I can catch a flight over the pond to see you baby I love you so much you are going to kill it baby." he said 

" Thanks Babe ill talk to you later" I said and then I Hung up. 

- A couple weeks later

I was getting done with sound check and making my way to get ready for my Meet and Greet, the tour is almost over we still have a couple of weeks left and Europe is another world another vibe people really go all out and  I love it. I suddenly was startled by someone who had wrapped their arms around me. " what the fuck" I yelled as I turned around to see that it was G who was wrapping their hands around me. " Oh my god babe" I hugged him so tightly and he did the same thing. " How, when, what" I said pulling away he was about to say something but I just kissed him. " I wanted to surprise you baby." he said " well I am definitely surprised but I love it." I said kissing him once more I missed him, this is what sucks, the distance and sometimes each of us being so busy. I hate it but its things and moments like this that make up for it. As we were making our way back to my bus we were holding hands " how long are you here for babe?" I asked " I just got here and you already want me to leave?" he said acting hurt " No you Drama queen" I laughed " I wanted to know how much time we have together." I said  " I'm All yours for a week baby." he said I smiled and nodded as we went inside the bus. 

G had left and I was so sad without him, yes I may sound clingy and I may Sound cheesy, but I'm my happiest with him. As i was in on the bus I heard a Knock on my door  I get up from the bunk to open it. "Hey Hal" said Matt " Hey" I said opening the door for him to come in I Take a seat at the table. " Why so down?" he asked "I'm good" I responded  " aww you already miss G huh? you guys have it bad for each other" he said with a chuckle making me smile. "I got a smile" he said and I rolled my eyes. " Okay so I just wanted to make some announcements, after tomorrows show you will have 4 free days, to do whatever and then you come back and have 4 shows left, once we finish finalizing something we will announce to the people about you joining G In Europe. Then you'll be on tour with him and then you guys will be done, so you guys can start or work or finish your guy's albums" he said. I smiled " you said 4 days right?" I asked he nodded " Matt can you do me a huge favor?" I asked. he nodded "what's up?" he said. " can you get me a flight to the bay to leave right after the show, and if you can keep it a secret so I can go surprise G?" of course he smiled "I'm getting on it now." he said pulling out his laptop. "thank you so much" I said to him "Done you'll have to leave right after the show straight to the airport and will arrive in Oakland at 6 AM and ill have a driver waiting for you and to drive you guys wherever. "you're the best matt I love you" I say giving him a hug. 

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