The Ugly Love

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Gerald's P.O.V

"So I take it that you haven't told Hal about the Tour opportunity yet." said Marty " I'm telling her tonight." I said " G you leave tomorrow how are you going to tell her the day before when you have Known about this for months." " Because Marty I don't want our last moments together to be sad I mean it's not like i'm planning to breakup with her she is the love of my life and I cant see myself without her man" " Look man i'm on your side, but as your best friend i'm telling you this from the heart, this will not end how you expect you cant be on tour for months and be gone all the time and be busy all the time to have the time to make this work, i'm not trying to be the bad guy G, but I know that you will break her heart. " She will understand where i'm coming from I mean it's Hal we will be okay." I said now feeling a little nervous

Halsey P.O.V

"Hey Girl" I said as I gave her a hug, she seemed a little sad and off " hey" she said " Jess what's wrong?" " Nothing are you okay ?"  I chuckled and said " of course why wouldn't I be okay Jess? " Because of Gerald" she said " What do you mean because of Gerald ?" " Well he leaves tomorrow so I thought you would be crying and sad?" " What the hell are you talking about Jess where is Gerald going?" " I take it he hasn't told you" "Hasn't told me what Jess?" " He is leaving tomorrow to go on tour to open up for Lil Wayne and Drake he got this deal like 4 months ago" I fell to the chair and my world stopped " How do you know this Jess" " Almost Everyone I heard it from Luke he told me this morning. I was a little hurt that you didn't tell me but I now Know why, you didn't even know." " Hal are you okay do you need some water" all I could do was nod I couldn't speak I felt so numb I can't believe this." "Here I brought you a tea to calm you down" I took it from her and started sipping. "Hal say something i'm starting to get scared" " I, I, I just don't know what to say. I can't believe he didn't tell me did he even plan on telling me was he just going to leave me like everyone else in my life?"  "Maybe he didn't want to make you sad I don't know Hal why he didn't tell you, but just listen to him, hear him out and what he has to say." " what can he possibly say Jess Oh good morning babe by the way i'm leaving this morning to go on tour see you later." " Look Hal just go back home it's almost 6 and go talk it out" I nodded " Okay thank you Jess and don't worry I wont tell G you told me"  " No problem Hal and thank you." 

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