Ghost girl

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Halsey P.O.V
I finished getting ready for G's concert he had to leave for sound check. "Hal are you ready to leave" Jess walked in and stopped and looked at my up and down. "What Jess ?" I said "Hal you look so fucken hot look at you, you're wearing a sexy black short skirt not to mention those sexy fishnets and the vans ahah and your G shirt you look like a fan girl it's cute ahah "shut up" I laughed "let's go I'm ready".
"We are five minutes away" said the driver 
I started to call G to let him know we were about to arrive "yoooo Hal my ninja it's Marty what's up girl" I laughed " Hey Marty where's G?" I asked " oh he is just getting done with his interview and is about to start the Meet and Greet are you almost here?" He asked " yes we are less than 5 minutes away" I said " yee alright I'll meet you guys out in the front to let you in." He said " ight see you in a bit" I said and hung up.
I step out to see a waiting Marty who looked at me with wide eyes and a smirk on his face "what?" I said "Hal you look like a whole G-Eazy fan girl it's cute" he laughed "fuck off Marty" as I said in a playful tone . When we walked inside G was taking pictures with fans. Then this fan came up to him waiting him to sign her ass and boob i don't know why but I actually made me laugh. In a good way I mean I thought I would be jealous but not at all. Jess and Bobby and Marty and I all went backstage into G's dressing room waiting for him to finish his Meet and great. We started to pre-game with some whiskey I felt so excited for G also the fact that I'm here with him supporting him and his dream to see him it's all a fucken movie. The door suddenly opens and G walks in his eyes soon met mine and they turned dark and hungry making our eye contact intense he made his way to me not breaking eye contact making me feel a little intimidated. "Baby you look sooo fucken hot right now fuck I want to take you now"he said bitting his lip. He grabbed my chin smiling " you look so beautiful baby also I love the support you are showing me" he said giving me a kiss on the lips and I see a flash go off to see that Grady has taken a picture of us he was looking at the picture and smiled "definitely a good one" he showed us and I loved it "that's amazing can you send it me so I can have it also right now we are keeping our relationship on the DL at the moment so nobody else knows about us but you guys okay" I said he smiled " totally understand." "G time to start getting ready"said Matty as he stepped inside "Hey Hal" he smiled "hey" I said back "do you have a quick min I needed to talk to you about something" he said " sure"
"Hey so we are starting G's tour in about 2 weeks it will go on for 8 here then in the states then about 2 weeks after you will start your euro tour it will go on for 9 weeks and these are the city's and places we have I know you look over everything and approve so I'm giving you this to look over if you want to add places you think we should add also after that, I don't know if you are going to want to open up for g again during his euro tour just let us know if you are down it would be about a week later after you finish yours and I will last 5 weeks." He said I kept looking at the paper he handed me making sure there isn't a city missing where the fans have begging me to come. It actually all looks good. " okay this is great we can do these city's these are actually great. Also yes on the euro tour for g I don't mind and when will rehearsals start for G's show?" I asked " next week also that's what I wanted to ask do you want to do them here or in the bay g wanted me to ask" " we can do them in the Bay since that's where he lives" I said " okay sounds good we will have a meeting earlier this week to go over things get your approval and finalize things" he said " cool thanks" I said with a smile. As I walk into the room g is by himself and tying his show he looked up and smiled. Making me smile. " all good baby ?" He asked " yes babe , so we are doing rehearsal in the bay and I wanted to ask if I could stay at your place since I don't live there anymore" " umm baby first I was assuming you were staying with me in the first place second you don't have to ask of course you can" he said giving me a kiss "Gerald time to go" said juice " Good luck baby I know you will kill it baby." I said giving him s kiss " thanks baby girl" and we walked to the stage.
"Ladies and Gentel man give it up for G-Eazy" and g goes on stage. As I'm watching g perform I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to see a tall blonde and then I realized it was her  Devon Gerald's ex " Hey girl how are you" she said and brought me in for a hug catching me for surprise "hey how is it going" " nothing came to see G perform I asked him if he wanted to go back to my place but he said he was with someone which is wired since he didn't mention anything when we were together like a couple days ago do you know who she is I know you and G go way back and are friends but I don't know." When did you call him ? " I called him today in the morning,"she said. So it was her who was calling g this morning and he didn't even tell me . " oh well I haven't heard anything but I'll keep and ear out for you, umm I have to go it was nice seeing you." I said and left I couldn't Stay I was so mad why was he hiding that's why he was acting all strange in the morning.

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