Putting the past to rest pt1

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Halsey P.O.V
" So Hal have you talked to G about what has happen to you in the past you know with the baby and all?" Asked Jess " No I don't know how to tell him how to bring up the conversation and I know that if things between us will get serious I'm going to have to tell him at some point I just don't know how. I don't know if he will look at me different or if he won't want to be with me anymore I mean I wouldn't want to be with me either look at my look how ugly I am I still never knew what he saw in me." "Ashley so help me god if you don't stop saying these awful things about yourself I will come over this table and smack the shit out of you" said Jess a bit angry at me I suffer from bipolar disorder and I have so many self esteem issues and I'm just broken, but I've been seeking help and it's been helping me a lot it's been a work in progress still is I have my moments here and there. " sorry bad habit" I say " I will tell him maybe I should tell him tonight and just get thing straight with him and-" my phone starting ringing and it interrupts me I see that it's my manager I answer " hey what's up Ana" I say " Hey Ashely do you have a moment I need you to come to my office I need to talk to you." She said and she calls me Ashely she only calls me Ashely when it's something serious. " I'm on my way" I told her. We left a note letting the guys know that we had a meeting to go to.
Gerald's P.O.V
"Those are some nice beats man wow I'm mind blown" I tell Bobby " Thanks man" he said " So how are things going with you and Hal?" He asked me " " before you say anything I know it's none of my business but she is like a little sister to me, she has been through a lot and I just don't want her getting hurt man" he said " nah man I understand and thank you for looking out for her when I wasn't there and I know I'm to blame for her pain, but from man to man I love her so much and when she left my whole life was empty she is the love of my life bro and I can't see myself spending the rest of my life with someone who isn't her. I plan to spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I don't plant on leaving her or letting her go I learned my lesson. Everything was so duel and so dark and gloomy I might seem like I was happy and like I didn't care but it was all the partying that would take me mind away from that feeling but only for so long. I want her to be mine again and forever I love her dude god how much I love her." I tell him as I realize that I have tears in my eyes bobby is smiling at me. " Thats how I feel about my wife Jess so I feel you bro and I'm glad to hear that she deserve to be Happy she has an amazing soul and a kind heart. She is the most selfless person I know." He said "let's head back and see what they are doing. As we are back in the house we've come to realize that the girls aren't home and we see a note. "I had to go to an important meeting with my manager be back later
Guess we have to wait for them to come home. I say to Bobby. "Guess we can play some video games." Says Bobby.

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