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Halsey P.O.V
As I'm making my way out I feel. Hand on my elbow turning me around. It was Marty " hey Hal is everything okay where are you going" " Marty did G sleep with Devon a couple days ago after we talked!" I asked Marty He gave me a look that said it all I started walking "Hal wait" he said holding me back once again we were outside the venue. "What Marty, what is there to so they hooked up after we made up"  I said " we all had a party for G he came after he left you it was only us guys but then more friends started to show up and she did to we all got messed up and high and they hooked up but he wasn't aware it was a drunken mistake" he said " so this happen the day I left, look Marty I'm not mad at that I get it we officially weren't together, I mad at the fact that he didn't tell me anything. He didn't say anything to me and to top it off she called him this morning and he was acting strange not picking up the phone in front of me saying it wasn't important know well that it was her as if he has something to hide. Look I'm going home I can't right now I can't do this". I said  " I'm going with Hal okay" he said " fine I'm going to the studio" I said
Gerald's P.O.V
Man the show was so amazing the vibe was strong there although I lost sight of Hal I need to find her. "G that show was amazing man" said Matt "thanks man also have you seen Hal" I asked " I saw her at the beginning of the show I don't know after that" he said "do you have my phone?" I asked yes it's here" he said I turn it one finding text messages from Marty.
Marty: hey man Devon is At the show you may want to keep an eye on that.
Marty: bro Devon talked to Hal and she knows about that night.
Marty: I'm with all we came back to the house and we are in the studio I'm keeping her company while you finish your shower. My ninja i won't sugar code it but she is pissed ass hell.
Fuck fuck what am I going to do I start changing I need to go to her and explain I can't lose her I just got her back. As I walk out the dressing room I can feel someone pull me back it was Devon and all of a sudden I feel this rage " baby where are you going" she said trying to kiss me I pull away " Devon stop what part of me being with someone don't you understand. We aren't together anymore I don't love you anymore you aren't the one for me anymore. I've moved on and so should you we just weren't meant to be." I said kind of being a dick " that's not what you said a couple days ago when we had the most amazing sex" she snapped " I WAS FUCKED UP I WAS DRUNK AS HELL I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS HAPPENING" I yelled at her " I was a mistake a drunk mistake I want to take back look I don't have time for this I have to go please just stop calling it's over" I said walking away I need to find my girl.
I text Marty to let him know I'm on my way
Me: thanks bro and thanks for the heads up I'm almost there.
Marty: ight and no problem fam
as I walk into the studio Hals back is facing us and I can hear the music and she starts to sing.
"Got a boy back home in Michigan
And he tastes like Jack when I'm kissing him
So I told him that I never really liked his friends
Now he's gone and he's calling me a bitch again
There's a guy that lives in the garden state
And he told me that we'd make it 'til we graduate
So I told him that the music would be worth the wait
But he wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate
I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe that we're meant to be
But jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy get the best of me
Look, I don't mean to frustrate, but I
Always make the same mistakes, yeah
Always make the same mistakes 'cause
I'm bad at love (ooh-ooh)
But you can't blame me for tryin'
You know I'd be lyin' sayin'
You were the one (ooh-ooh)
That could finally fix me
Lookin' at my history
I'm bad at love"
Hal stops and turns around okay Marty I think that's the one she was about to say something but stops as she sees me Marty turns around and gave me a sympathetic smile he gets up. And walks toward me and pats my shoulder. " good luck my ninja" he said and I nodded. She looks at me and makes her way out of the booth and starts to sit down by the mixers. I take a seat next to her she doesn't even look at me. I reach up and grab her chin the make her look at me she snatched he head away "don't" I sigh " I'm sorry baby" I said " sorry for what exactly" she said still not looking at me " for what happened I was drunk and too messed up it was a mistake" she turned to me " Gerald I'm not mad about you hooking up we technically weren't even together, I'm mad because you didn't tell me and then you act wired when she calls avoiding the calls as if you had something to hide. We aren't kids anymore Gerald and I'm not going to have our relationship based on lies and secrets." " I know and I don't either I'm sorry I don't tell you about it I was just scared you wouldn't want to be with me and I love you and I'm here for the long run I'm not planning to go anywhere you are the only girl I see and the only girl I love and want to be with I'm so sorry baby I promise no more secrets no more lies" I said she smiled " okay babe" " so are we good baby?" I asked " yes we are babe" she said I grabbed her and pulled her to me and gave her a kiss I felt her smile against my lips " I love you baby" I tell her " I love you too babe" she said kissing each other passionately i love being like this in each other's Arms I missed this I love her and I don't plans on losing her.

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