Putting the past to rest pt2

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Halsey P.O.V.
"Hey Ashely and Jessica come one in and take a seat" she tells us as we arrive to her office. " Thank you for coming on so short notice so I'm going to get to the point. I have a lot of family problems going on right now that it is requiring me to move back to Texas and I won't be able to be your manager anymore I won't be able to be at shows and taking care of everything and I'm so sorry you know how much I love you and love being your manager and my job but my parents are so sick and I'm the only one who they have I hope you understand I do have some contacts of other managers that can take you. I have to leave in 2 weeks so you can have that time to find someone and I will email and have a meeting with them to keep them up to speed." She said " I totally understand Ana I'm sorry about your parents and I think it's the right thing to do I mean it's the least thing we can do for our parents. As for new managers send me their information and I'll take a look at them and see which one I feel most comfortable with and I'll let you know ASAP." I say " thank you so much for understand Hal" she says " come here" I tell her as I open my arms to give her a hug. " Don't worry everything will be okay you're one of the most strongest women I know you will do Great." I say " Thank you it means a lot."
Gerald's P.O.V.
As Bobby and I are playing Mario Kart the girls enter the house. "Hey baby" said Bobby to Jess as he kisses her. " Hey did your meeting go well." As I give Hal a hug trying to respect her wanting to take things slow thing. " Ehhh it could of been better" she said "what happen?" "Let's just say that in two weeks I won't have a manager and now I need to find one" " what why did something happen between you guys?" " no nothing like that she just has family problems and it's best if she goes I know her situation so it's all good no I'm just stress Because I need a manager and I need to figure this whole 2nd leg tour and I usually have to approve everything before anything gets done it's how I like it." She says. " if you want I can talk to my managers Juice and Matt are amazing managers they can help you I can call them so you can talk to them trust me Ash they are amazing." I say to her " thank you and that would be great I just need to get everything done I'm on a time limit." " okay let me call them" I tell her
" what's up G both Juice and Matt say" we are on a conference call. " so you guys know Halsey right" how can we not "they both say "so listen she needs a new manager and I really need you guys to be her managers and work with her she is special to me and she is an amazing artist and I need you guys to do this for me and if you guys can come over to have a meeting like tonight that would be amazing" I tell them " okay Gerald send us the address and we will be over." They say " thanks y'all are the best and I'll text it to you guys." I hang up the call
"So they are on their way over and I just need the address to the house so they can come" I tell Hal " Thank you Ger for helping me it means a lot" she gives me a kiss on the check " it's my pleasure" I say to her kissing her forehead.
Halsey P.O.V
" so as your new managers we see that you have a plan to go on a second leg tour for your album BADLANDS" Matt said to me " yes and anything that we do like tour dates and places, posters etc has to be finally approved by me that's how i run this and hopefully you guys can respect that" I tell them " of course" they say "So here's the thing we thought since Gerald's album came out and he will be going on tour soon we still need an opener and G wants you  to  go on tour with him and open for him you'll still be on tour doing your songs what do you think?" Hmm going on tour with G sounds really cool but also like a serious thing there's still some things I need to tell him but that means we can spend more time together. " I would love to open for him" I tell them. We wrap up the meeting and I'm relieved that I have managers who are great g was right now it's time to talk to him and tell him about my past I'm starting to feel my anxiety kick in.
" Bobby and Jess went to go get us IN-N-OUT for dinner" I tell G as I walk into my room. "Yee i was craving some to he said lying on my bed. I decided to lay next to him, here goes nothing. " G I need to tell you something." I say he turns his head to me " is everything okay ?" He asked a bit concerned. "But first I need to ask you something" I said " anything what's up"he said now sitting up " you want something serious between us right" " of course" " okay in order for that to happen there's something I need to tell before we take this step." I tell him.

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