Good old times

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Halsey P.O.V
" So what do you want to do Hal?" Asked g " I don't know I should probably head back to LA, and by the looks of your phone that keeps ringing there's people wanting to do something besides your album just dropped and you should be celebrating." " Being with you is better" he said " Go G go celebrate you album I need to get into the studio with Bobby ASAP so I'm going to hear back to LA" I said " I really don't want to be away from you but okay I guess I'll hit up the guys and see what they have planned but text me or call me when you get into LA so I know you made it safe" G says to me " I will and you can always come to LA before tour and we can hangout and you can crash with us." I offer to G " I would love that, have a safe drive by Hal I love you." He said kissing me on the lips " oh shit sorry I forgot about the whole friend thing my bad" he said a little embarrassed I smiled and shook my head oh how I missed those lips " I'll see you soon G I said and before I know it I'm kissing him on the lips. And I don't know what comes over me but I deepen our kiss and we kiss each other passionately like our life depended on it. " wow" I said breathless " fuck Hal I missed your lips" he said holding me close to him. I just want to be his but I want take it slow. I've been in so pretty unhealthy relationship. I just want to take things slow with G. " I'll see you soon" i say to G he smiled " see you soon Hal I love you and have a safe drive" he said " alright love you" i said back. And make my way back home to LA.
~4 days later
Gerald's P.O.V
"Hey I'm outside" I say over the phone to Hal I'm spending a couple nights here as I have some interviews and a couple of shows before I go on tour. " okay I'm coming" she says and hangs up. As I get my luggage out of the trunk I can feel someone rap their hand over me and I turn and see that it is Hal. I smiled and hugged her back. " I missed you" I say into her hair. As I breathe her in " I missed me too" she says smiling and she looks up to me. I gave her a hurt expression " I'm kidding I missed you too you dork" she says I smiled and noticed she was wearing a black oversized T-shirt that said "EAZY" I smiled " nice shirt she blushed and smiled " thanks he is my favorite  rapper who happens to be my favorite dork"  "come let's go inside" she says taking my hand into hers.This feels so right and so good I missed this and her and I don't ever want to let go of her ever again. " Jess G is here" she screams.  " nice place" I say as I look at the two story house. " thanks it's all of ours" she said "all? How many live here" I asked " well Jess and her husband Bobby and me and some guys from the crew." She said " if it isn't G fucking Eazy" says Jess as she is walking down with her husband which I recognize is ducking Logic he is the man. " hey g this is bobby my husband and bobby this is G." We shake hands " I  not trying to fan girl right now but logic you the man and I'm such a fan I love your work" I say " Aww thanks bro same here your new album is fire bro Ms.Ashely over here couldn't stop playing it through the whole house I Think we must of heard it about 100 times straight up and you can call me Bobby" he says with a smile I turn to look at a red Blushing Hal glaring at bobby which made me laugh and smile she looks at me and I wink at her and she bits her lip fuck I want to kiss her right now. " so Gerald Hal says you have some shows here this week" asked bobby " call me G and yes I have backstage for you guys if you want to come down for the show" I say " for sure bro ohh you gotta check my studio out man and there are some beats I've been dying to show someone do you want to come check it out?" He asked " yee I'm Down" I say " cool this way" as I walk by Hal i take her head between my hands and I kiss her on the forehead " I'll be back dork" I smile and wink at her fuck I love her so much.

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