Same old love

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Halsey P.O.V
I just stare at myself in the mirror with redden eyes clear that I just cried in the bathroom for something I shouldn't be crying about I put water on my face and eyes making sure you couldn't  tell I was just crying my eyes out a couple of seconds ago. As I walk out of the bathroom I see G leaning against the wall and he looked up he stood up from the wall I really don't want to have this conversation right now man " Hal I ca-" " Don't G" I interrupted him " we aren't together you have no reason to explain yourself to me. What you do and who you do in bathroom stalls is truthfully none of my business"  I said  " congrats on the new album G I'm proud of you" and I have no idea what the hell possessed me but I reached up to him and gave him a kiss on the check not being able to process what I just did in my head " I'll see you around" is all I said and with that I manage to leave back to the party in need of some whiskey neat. I go back to my table and see that Jess had already ordered herself some drinks " there you  are I thought you  left me or got lost finding the bathroom and I didn't know what you were in the mood for " she said " something like that" I said as I motioned the waiter to the table  " can I get 2 bottles of Jack please" he nodded "right away" he said " wow some one is trying to forget something what happened Hal?" Asked Jess " what didn't happened" I said " oh my god Hal it's G and he is staring over here"  "I already saw him Jess" " that's why you want whiskey neat did something happened?" " he fucked his ex or his girl or whatever they are in the bathroom as I was going to go and then I ended up kissing him on the  check" she almost spat her drink out when I said it " what do you mean you kissed him on check?" "Just what I said look I don't want to talk about" " here is your jack how many glasses Miss?" " none thank you" I said as I handed him a hundred and told him to keep the change. " You know he hasn't stopped looking over here Hal" Jess said I turn around and our eyes lock and he bit his lip fuck he is still so hot I turn away and take a big swing at my bottle of jack as I can feel my chest getting warmer. Before I knew it I was half way done with the second bottle of jack and everything was getting blurry. " Dang Hal didn't even share the jack"Marty said as he came and sat next to me  I passed him the bottle " are you drunk Hal?" Marty asked and I just let out a giggle " a bit I guess I better go" I look over Jess who is coming with a glass of what I would assume to be water  " drink up you need to sober up girl" I rolled my eyes at how Jess manages to act like my mother always looking after me. As I stand up I can feel the whole room spinning and I loose my balance but Marty catches me " yeah I'm going to get you home Hal." I feel sick and can feel the throw up about to come out "bathroom" "what?" " bathroom I'm about to puke" "shit hold on" Marty picks me up and takes me to the bathroom since I can't even walk. He takes me to the nearest stall and everything comes out and I can feel Jess rubbing and holding my hair back wow she is such a great friend and I have no idea why but I start to cry " thank you Jess for holding my hair you always take care of me thank you jess for being my sister" " honey don't cry it's okay that's what sisters are for" and then I puke some more " Dang Hal did you even eat anything before drinking" asked Marty I shake my head as I puke once more " Hal are you okay" the oh so familiar voice ask me I turn to see G behind me squatting looking at me with concern eyes oh how I missed him how I wish I was his and he was mine. I shook my head and puked again " go away I'm gross" I tell him " baby your beautiful" he said as he rubbed his thumb over my check his touch sent chills down my Body making me get goosebumps. He noticed and smiled yes Gerald Earl Gillum your touch still has an effect on me get over it. I just rolled my eyes again puke one more time. " okay I think I'm good I'm sleepy ima go night night" I said as I rest my head on the cold stall. I can feel someone picking me up but I don't even have the energy to open my eyes and then everything just goes dark and silent and I'm passed out.

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