gloomy days

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Halsey P.O.V

As jess leaves, I take a moment to call Matt and Let him Know what is going on. I call him and he picks up at the second ring " hey Hal" he answered. "hey" I said " we need to talk."I tell him " I hope you understand where I'm coming from Matt I just can't do it. " I tell him " of course I do hal and I'm so sorry about what happened. I'll go ahead and cancel and make arrangments and try to find a replacement, also ill go ahead and get the two tickets back overseas, Ill inform G Later on, Hal I'm sorry again this isn't like him or the person I know so I'm still shocked he did this I'm" very disappointed in him and you know I'm here for you" he said "thank you matt"  I said " ill text you the flight info once i have it ." he said "sounds good thanks" i responded and hanged up. My phone starts to buzz again and it's him I answer the call.

"Babe please come back it's not what it looks like please baby let me explain." he said 

" I'm coming back  I need to pick up my luggage," I said and hung up 

I knock on the door and he opened within seconds. 

"Baby" he said coming towards me. "don't you fucken dare to touch me, Gerald," I said stepping back I came here to pick up my stuff," I said. As I walked past him into the house. I grabbed my bag and Gerald closed the door and stood in front of it locking it. "Gerald move" I said to him "No you are not leaving here until you talk to me, and you listen to me." he said " NO I'm not you have nothing to say that will make me forgive you, Gerald, I trusted you, I was loyal to you, I loved you, then you are going to go ahead and cheat on me not to mention with her of all people," I yell at him as tears come streaming down my face. "Baby please don' cry," he said. " I know what I did was unforgivable, it was never my intention to hurt you, baby, I would never, I honestly do not remember what happened, We got shit faced and it was only Marty and I and a couple of friends and then she showed up and she said she just wanted to be just friends and she respects that I was with someone she joined the group and we all started to drink then-" "Then ?" I said in a loud voice " Then everything is a blur" he said and I know that certain face he makes when he is hiding something. " Gerald I've known you for years and I know when you are hiding something, so either you tell me or I will walk out this door," I said crossing my hands. " After that, I guess that I was already too shit faced to remember but according to Devon we did blow and then she doesn't remember the rest," he said  " You did what? , are you fucking out of your mind Gerald?" I started yelling " That shit kills people, what are you thinking and mixing it with alcohol, people OD from that Gerald, this is not a game, you should never do that again I don't care if you remember or not but you need to promise me that is the last time."  I  yelled. He nodded " I promise, baby I'm so sorry for what I did please I do not want to lose you." he said to me as he started to get on his knees to start begging. "get off the floor G." I say to him. "Right now I need time to heal, I need my own space, I need time to think, you lost my trust Gerald, and that's something that you are going to have to gain back with time. Whether you remembered or not you still cheated on me, me seeing you in bed naked with her, broke my heart. Like is that what I'm going to have to worry about is you, cheating on me everytime you get too shit faced? like that's not something I had to worry about and now I do its a trust issue now. We can be friends, for now, I need you to respect that." i say to him. He sighed " Hal you are the only one I want to be with, the one I want to grow old with, the one I want to have a family with, and the one I want to die with. I Know what I did is unforgivable and I know that it hurt you even though I would never purposely hurt you I love you with everything I have. You are the love of my life. I will wait as long as possible for you to be able to trust me and be comfortable with me again. I Love you Hal." he said to me. " can I give you a hug?" he asked and  I nodded. He hugged me and whispered in my ear. " I will never stop fighting for you, and I will fight for you, I love you and I'm so sorry more than you can ever know." he pulled away. I nodded " I love you with all my heart."I say kissing him on the cheek and with I start to leave until I feel his hand grab my arm. "where are you going?" "Back overseas I have a tour to finish, and its best if I go now." I said. 

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