Coming back to each other

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Gerald's P.O.V

" You know she is performing her last show here in the city why don't you go see her?" Ma asked " she probably forgot me" I said "Don't be ridiculous son your the love of her life." "And she is mine moms, but I hurt her and I may be where I want and have accomplished everything I've wanted so far, but I let her go and it's the most stupidest thing I've ever done. I think about her every day. I miss her more and more everyday. I'm proud of her too her album is fucken awesome and she is doing great things." " I know you'll find your way back to each other love always does son" "I really hope so mom" 
"Are you ready for tonight's album release G?" Marty Asked
" Yee I'm excited I've put so much hard work into this man"
" I know G I'm happy for you brother, so you know she is in town why don't you hit her up invite her to the album release party at the club?"
" She has a show, and might be busy and we should start going to the club to make sure everything is in order."
I see so many people here some I don't even know I'm excited for my album to drop, but it would be better if she was here next me. Man now I can't stop thinking about her maybe I should Hit her up. " G it's almost time start getting ready" said my manager Matt

Halsey P.O.V
Who ever this artist is must be big because there is a lot of people here. As I enter to the club our seat is next to the stage and as Jess and I took our seat we heard someone speak "Welcome lady's and gentlemen thank you for coming please give it up for the one and only G- Eazy" My heart dropped as i heard his name. I turned to Jess and she looked at me with wide eyes " This is G's album release  and it was only then when I realize the " When it's Dark Out" signs " Thank y'all for coming it means so much to me I hope you enjoy this album I put a lot of hard work into, but most importantly my heart into it" I stared at him intently I felt my heat in my throat " "Lets start this party"he said and music started playing and he got off the stage. I need to use the bathroom I'll be back Jess." " okay hurry so we can order drinks" as I made my way to the bathroom I feel someone grab my arm fuck is it him? "Hal how the fuck have you been" Marty Turns me around and In for a hug. "Hey Marty"I hugged him back  "What are you doing here? Does G know that your here?" " No I didn't even know I was coming to this my manager booked it.All I knew was that it was a club appearance." " Well I'm glad to see you Hal it's been too long, G should be here somewhere you want me to look for him!"  "No I'll run into him eventually he is having fun." Marty just smiled and said " You know Hal he still loves you." And with that Marty walked away.

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