Hardest Goodbye

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Halsey P.O.V

"Hey Babe i'm home" said G as he walked into the room. I didn't say anything " Hal you okay?" he sat next to me on the bed. Am I okay ? is he really asking me if i'm Okay I started to feel this furry within me I Got off the bed " Babe whats wrong?" G stood up from the bed as well "when?" "when what hal?" " When were you planning on telling me that your leaving for tour tomorrow?" "How did you know?" " It doesn't matter how I know, what matters is that everyone else knew you were leaving except me Gerald did you even plan on telling me at all or were you going to leave me like everyone has?" " I was planning to tell you tonight at our walk in the city" I laughed "tonight ? are you fucken kidding me? You knew 4 months ago and you decided to tell me this the day before you fucken left?" I started to raise my voice " Hal I didn't want our last moments together to be sad I wanted to enjoy these last moments, be happy live to the fullest. I knew it was going to break you so I'd rather you being happy for these past 4 months." I understand G, But everyone knew except me, I've been your girlfriend for 5 years G why didn't you talk to me G. I don't want in any way to interfere in your dream. But understand where i'm coming from you decide to tell me the night before, i'm getting hit out of nowhere i'm in the dark and your leaving me. You know that I have abandonment issues. You cant just do these things and not expect me to react G. Like your leaving me, an-" " For fucks sake Hal I wasn't planning on leaving you for ever this is my dream and your making me feel bad, and I really want this the one thing that makes me happy and its been my dream and iv'e waited all my life for this ."  " so that's the only thing that makes you happy?" 

"Hal That's no-" " You know what G i'm not going to hold you back from your dream I would never dream of it. It's the only thing that makes you happy why would I want to interfere with that? Go on tour go do your thing, go live your dream go show them who you are. I wish you nothing but the best G. And that you get everything you want, because god knows that you deserve it. So go and do your thing and I'll do mine."  " Hal  I "  " G it's fine go live your dream, and-" "and what that's it? are you ending it here hal ? I love you" " We both know this is what's best. You need to focus on your career." I grab my jacket to make my way out " Where are you going Hal?" " This is breaking me Gerald it hurts seeing you go, but I need to leave I can't watch you go. Just know that I wish you the best G."  "Hal I love you, you are the love of my life please don't go" " If I don't I will only be an obstacle in your journey. G please don't make this any harder we both know this is for the best." I'm trying to contain my tears. I'm hurting and I cant stand this pain any longer. " I Love you I will always love you Hal." I just stood there looking at him not being able to say anything , I can feel a bump in my throat god why does love hurt so much. " You don't love me anymore?"  he said with tears in his eyes" I do very much and very deeply G and that's why this kills me, but if it's not right what can I do? and with that I gave him one last kiss and walked out the door with tears coming down my checks. 

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