New beginings

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Halsey P.O.V
I woke up to the familiar too warm feeling , it was G he was wrapped all over me I spent a couple of minutes just admiring his beautiful and peaceful face . I started stroking his hair and he slowly started waking up. He opened his eyes and gave me a heart warming smile. "Hey baby" he said giving me a peck on the lips I deepened the kiss and got on top of him. I felt his smile against my lips making me smile. "Babe we can still go slow I don't want you to feel rushed into anything" I rolled my as at him. "G I'm really horny are you really going to deny me sex?" He laughed " of course not baby" he flipped us over make me scream out in surprise  and he took my Eazy shirt off leaving me in lace panties. "Fuck me" he said he started to suck gently on my neck leading down to my chest. I let out a little moan and he moved down to my nipper sucking a little harder. "Ahhh fuck" I said then he moved down my stomach leaving a trail of kissing leading down to my panties and he stopped causing me to look down at him and without breaking contact he took off my panties and made his way back up kissing my inner thigh and into my happy trail causing me to throw my gear back breaking contact feeling him work his magic getting more tense as the time before. He then made his way back giving me a kiss i practically yanked his shirt off and threw him on the other side of the bed straddling him kissing him very passionately making my way down to his neck and kissing his neck probably gonna leave a hickey. I made my way down to his chest kissing his chest every so tenderly. I then took off his sweats and boxers all in once feeling his eyes on me I took him into my mouth and started to work my own magic hearing a pleasing moan come out of him i then reached up to the drawer and took a condom out he gave me a confused look. " a girl can dream and be prepared to make love to her boyfriend" he smirked making me smile. I let out a moan as he filled me up. "Fuck" we both whispered I then started to slowly move picking up the pace until we both reached our climax.
Gerald's P.O.V
We laid there in each other's Arms naked enjoying each other's company. " I can get used to waking up to morning sex" I tell Hal she lets out a laugh she comes closer to me giving me a kiss " Me too baby" and gets up " hey where you going" I ask "need a shower wanna join?" Fuck yes I do is that even a question?" I say to her as I get up and pick her up and making my way to her bathroom.

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