weeks later

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Halsey P.O.V

Today was the last day of the tour, It has been such an amazing run. Seeing all these amazing fans from all over the place knowing the words to my songs was amazing. Also seeing so many fans here for G was amazing. He has worked so hard to be here. I was in a wired mood simply because the tour was over and I would be leaving for my Europe tour in two weeks and I've come used to being around with G now. I know that once we come back I will be in the studio almost every day to keep working on this new album and I know Gerald is going to be busy in meetings planning for his European leg of the tour. I must've been in deep thought since I didn't notice that G was sitting next to me. "Everything okay baby?" he asked, "yee everything is great." I respond with a faint smile. "why are you lying to me, what's wrong" he insisted. " nothing its just that today is the last day of tour and then ill be overseas for my tour so ill be gone for about two months and-" " Aww you're going to miss me baby" he interrupted. I rolled my eyes " you wish you're so conceited I was going to say that I'm going to miss being around Marty." I said. " bullshit you're going to miss me, baby I'm going to miss you too and ill try to hang out and much as I can before you leave and ill try my very best to fly out to some of your shows." he said kissing me on my head.  I nodded and sighed

Gerald's P.O.V 

"I'm outside terminal 2 baby," I said into the phone since I was picking up Hal from the airport since she will be staying with me 2 days before she leaves. " Okay babe I'll be out in a bit," she said and hung up. I'm very excited to see her we haven't seen each other in almost 2 weeks since we finished my tour. We both have just been crazy busy. I see her coming out and we both run to each other and she let go of her suitcase and jumped on me wrapping her legs around my waist and we hug each other very tightly and she is too and we just hug each other taking each other in then she gets off and I take her face into my hands and kiss her for a very overdue kiss. I can sense her smile on my lips " Somone missed me." she said with a smile " I sure did and I know you missed me too." I said as I took her suitcase and we headed to my car. " I sure did, like hell actually," she said and I put her suitcase in the trunk and I opened the door for her and she gave me a kiss before going in, making me smile like a schoolboy. 

"So what do you want to do baby?"  I asked her as we got into my house. "mmmh well I was thinking we could have some take out and watch some movies and just chill and then maybe before the sun goes down we can catch the sunset over the bay." she said " sounds perfect" I said. 

Halsey's P.O.V 

The sunset was amazing and beautiful. We had gone back to G's house and had bomb sex, but he then was called into the studio and had to leave he asked if I wanted to come, but I decided to sit this one out and shower and then go to bed since I won't be able to enjoy much sleep with tour coming in a day. 

I felt the bed shift and I turned to see that it was G. " Sorry baby didn't mean to wake you" he said kissing my head "what time is it?" I asked still half asleep. " it's about to be 5 in the morning" he said, " why are you getting home so late?" I asked " it was a late sesh sorry baby" he said " its okay," I said and just cuddled and fell back to sleep. 

I had woken up earlier than G I had to leave to the airport I got up trying to not wake him since he had to go to the studio again and came late. he looked so peaceful I did not want to wake him. I had thrown some yoga pants some Nike's and I wore one of G's hoodies that smelt like him. I was going away for two months and who knows how long it will be until he flys out. I got my things ready and I got a text from Matt informing me that he was outside since he was coming to make sure that the tour ran smoothly and everything was in order. I gently Kissed G's lips making sure he didn't wake. I then left and locked the door with the keys he had made for me. I get into the car. "Good morning, Gerald's not coming?" he asked, " No I didn't want to wake him since he got home late from the studio," I said and he nodded " Alright lets get this tour started." He said. 

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