Better Days

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Gerald's P.O.V 

I'm sad that she had to go, and that I won't be able to be with her, but I won't stop fighting for her. my phone starts to ring and  I was hoping that it would be here but it was Matt. "Hello?" I said, "Gerald what in the fuck were you thinking, like what the fuck." he started yelling "Matt chill I know don't you think I already know that I messed up." I said he laughed "messed up? no more like you fucked up and you fucked up big time." he said " I know to trust me, Matt, I know. I made her listen to me and we talked things through but she wants time to heal, and she wants time and I am going to have to earn her trust again we are friends right now." I said to him. "Well G that is true you are going to have to let her heal what you did was messed and we aren't done talking about this look, I just wanted to call and inform you that she will no longer be your opener she won't be joining the tour this is something that she said this morning before you guys talked things- " "What?!" I basically shouted "She did not tell me this," I said  " well its what she wants and you have to respect that G.," he said I sighed " Alright I gotta go" I said and hung up.  I decided to text her.

"Hey" I texted

"Hi" she responded

"so were you not going to tell me about you canceling the tour and not coming."


"What?" I texted back 

" Don't" she said

"Don't what? Hal, you didn't have to cancel, I want you on tour please" I texted back. 

" G please respect my choice as you said you would." I sighed

" As you wish, but can you at least visit me during the tour like a supporting friend"  

" Fine I'll see when I can go" she texted 

a couple days later

" Feels good to be able to sleep on a regular bed" I said to Jess as I threw myself on the bed she laughed. "yes It does, Hey so Bobby will have a show here in LA and then he is off and ima go join him for the rest of the tour," she said. " Of course! nice I missed seeing him perform." I say " You can join if you want you to know that." she said I smiled. " I know, but I have to work on my album and actually now focus on it." she nodded

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