HeartBreak Pt2

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Gerald's P.O.V 

I heard someone call my name and it sounds like hal making me wake up. I open my eyes to see her frozen and staring at me. I was confused as to what she was staring at so I look next to me to find a naked Devon next to me Fuck. I turn back to her "Babe wai-" I didn't even get to finish my sentence before she ran out fuck fuck fuck. I threw some shorts on and tried to catch her I see her about to open the door as I'm practically running down the stairs 4 at a time "babe please wait" I say to her making her run faster as I reach outside I can see a black SUV burning tire and taking off. Fuck Fuck I go back inside to find devon dressed coming down "G I am so sorry I dont even remember anything after we did blow-"We did what?" I asked " we did blow but I think you were already too messed up and I was halfway there, this was not me intention I'm so sorry" she said " Can you please leave" I said " G I-" " Please I'm trying to be nice leave please" i say she nodded and walked out I closed the door and ran back up to my room to get my phone. I call her please baby please pick up, she didn't she declined my call fuck, fuck I don't remember anything seeing the pain in her eyes broke me and made me sick to my stomach I can't lose her not again. I call but nothing. I call Marty 

Halsey's P.O.V 

As I get out of the car to Indian rock I just let it all out, how could he do this to me. I loved him and he just is going to do this to me. I feel empty, and in pain my heart has broken into pieces. "hal" I hear jess call me as she is running to me I Run to her and hug her crying even harder she hugs me tight I pull away " What happened?" she asked concerned " I, I came home to surprise g since I got 4 days off and as I walked to his room and opened the door he was naked in bed with Devon" I said to her as I hug her once more and cry on her shoulder. "I am going to ki-" jess started to say and stops as her phone rings she looks at her phone " What the fuck could you possibly want. That is none of your concern now" she pauses " I don't care I know what happened and if you think I'm going to let you come near her let alone talk to her, you have something else coming, how could you, oh if its not what it looks then what is it, please enlighten me, you cheated on her" she said practically yelling over the phone. " No I'm not telling you, where we are not over my dead body" she said as she hung up. " come here love" she said as she gave me a hug " I'm sorry this happened to you, honestly I wouldn't have expected this from him." she said I pulled away " I didnt either he was always loyal, never cheated when we dated, Jess I feel so empty so heartbroken, I love him, but this honestly broke me into pieces." I tell her she nodded " So what are you going to do next?" she asked "well I need to call Matt and let him know, that way he can cancel my set on tour with G before he announces and try to find someone else that can take my spot I can't do it, I have to go back overseas to finish my tour and once that is done I'm going back home to LA and start working on my album and just throw myself into work, and try to move on, but I'm about to head back to his place only because I forgot to take my luggage, Jess I know Bobby is on tour but will you please come with me overseas to finish this tour." I asked she nodded " Of course you know Bob will understand." "also are you sure you don't want me to go pick up your stuff for you" I nodded " No ill go, go ahead back to bobby and Ill meet you there hopefully ill get a flight back tonight so I can be overseas tonight or in the morning." I say trying to not cry. "Okay I'll go ahead and talk to bobby and get my things so I can leave with you." she said I nodded and gave her one last hug. 

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