tour day 1

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Halsey's P.O.V

I'm awakened by an awful noise that I have noticed to be Geralds annoying alarm I reach to my nightstand and check the time 3:30 A.M I let out a groan its too early but it is the start of tour so that is exciting I notice that Ger is sleeping through his alarm and I roll my eyes because he has been doing this since we were kids. I turn off his alarm and decide to have my fun with him. I slip back into the covers as G is still sleeping I slowly get on top of him feeling him stir under me. I start kissing the side of his jaw down his neck leaving little love bites on his neck knowing well he will fuss about it later when he has the chance to see them. I make my way back to his jaw and give him kisses when I get closer and start giving him kisses on the side of his lips I can sense his smirk and he says in his hot morning voice" what about my lips baby?" I let out a giggle and give him a peck and he grabs the back of my neck and holds me down in place and deepens our kiss and he lets out a little moan making me smirk and I pull away " I'm glad that you are awake now, you need to get up and get dress we need to leave in 20 minitues for the airport we have a flight to catch" I say and give him a quick kiss and as im about to get up he holds me down and turns us over so he is on top " Gerald im serious we need to get ready I say he grabs my wrist and places my hands over my head " I can be quick baby" he said giving me a devlish smile " Oh I know you can but I just needed you to wake up and now I need you to get ready so I won't tell you again because if I have to it won't be pretty" I say he laughs " well Ms. Im, not a morining person im coming hold your horses. he says laughing. I roll my eyes and push him off "I'm serious babe hurry and get your shit ready" I say. " okay baby i'm coming" he says

We get on the private jet our first stop is Portland i'm very excited to be back on the road especially because I get to do it with the love of my life. This thing we call life if you were to tell me a month ago this is where I would be I would bet you everything I had against it. A month later here I am on the first day of tour with the love of my life, boy life is amazing right now. Gerald takes the seat in front of me " You okay baby?" he asked with a concerned look on his face. " I'm fine babe just happy that's all" and a smile comes across his face " I am happy that you are happy baby" he said "Hey Hal" matt said as he took the seat next to us "what's up matty" I say " I found some studios around us on our days off like you asked and i'm just waiting for the okay from you to reserve them so you can go into the studio" he says " cool yea I'm im down for whatever as long as I am able to get into the studio and keep working on my album im good." he nodded and walked back to juice. " Always on that grind huh" Gerald said " I think you know that pretty well more than the rest of us G" I say " that I do baby" he said

Gerald's P.O.V

We are about to land in portland and I cant seem to take my eyes off a beautiful sleeping Hal. I am falling more and more in love with her. I feel like I'm complete now. I felt so empty for the past years without her. I tried to fill the void but nothing could. No matter what I did I still felt empty. I start buckling her seat belt for landing and she shift and opens her eyes. "We are about to land baby let me Buckle you up." I say she give me a shy smile. "What?" I asked with a smile. "Nothing I love you." She said which then made me smile.
Halsey's  P.O.V
"Okay you have sound check, in a couple of minutes we can do a walk through of the set before to make sure everything is how you want it, then After sound check you have a 3 hour break, then around 2ish you have to be ready for M&G which is already sold out. So you have 150 People who are coming to meet you. Then once that is over you can get dinner before or after your set which ever one you prefer." Matt was informing as we were driving to the venue. I nodded my head and I smiled to myself thankful for Matt and Juice for being great managers. " also busses will be there at the venue so you can start putting your suitcase and settle in." He said " sweet do I get my own bus?" I ask with a smile G turned his head to me so fast with a confused face " I thought we were going to share a bus?" He asked " umm well I kinda wanted my own bus" I trying not to laugh at G's expression " Why is there something wrong?" He asked. " yes." I replied he looked at me to continue. " the problem of you taking me seriously you dork of course we are sharing a bus." I said laughing he smiled relief coming to him. " not funny" he said "very" I say reaching over to him for a kiss he just looked at me. " fine I'll take my kiss back" I say acting hurt he grabs my face and kisses me with a smile "stop being a brat" he said laughing at me. "Oh It's on Gillum" I say with a smirk.

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