Chapter 11 ( Blake's pov )

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         I looked over to my dad. He just stood shaking his head with a smile playing on his face. Love showed in every last one of his features. I hope that when I get back Drake and Blake will be like that.

        Walking over to the entrance I gently let my hand sink threw the water. It glided easily threw. " Are you all ready?" I asked looking towards them. Mom and Dad looked at each other before nodding.

        Awe so sweet.         

        Pushing myself forward I felt the water in gulf me. Opening my eyes and turning around I looked for mom and dad. Mom was the first I swim forward. I grabbed her hand in a death drip before waiting for dad to push threw. Seconds later I could see him. He grabbed moms hand too.

        I pointed up. Signaling that we should keep moving before we couldn't breathe anymore. Dad nodded as he started swimming up. I followed beside him, both of us holding on to mom.

        I checked on mom. Her cheeks were puffed out and she looked like she was struggling. I rushed her to my side as I looked into her eyes. I tapped on my lips then hers. Trying to tell her I would give her some air. She nodded quickly. ( Okay I know that technically I would be kissing my mom on the lips but she needs air! )

        Slowly I put my lips on hers. I let the air escape my lungs as she sucked it in. As our lips separated I caught a glimps of dad. He looked shocked. We probably looked like me were having a heated make out session, but we wern't ! 

        I started swimming again, abit faster than before. Soon we were at the surface. Jumping up on to the grass I pulled mom up. Dad got out right after her.

        " Were you two.... you know?" Dad asked nvervousley.

        I looked over to mom before we both busted out laughing.

        " OMG Vince ! She was just .... giving me ...... air!" Mom said between rounds of laughs. Relaf was over his face before he started laughing too.

        Once we all were able to get our laughing under control it became seriouse again.

        " We all know that once we leave this place we'll have people hunting us ,right ?" My father asked as he got up. " I didn't really think that far. Sorry." I whispered quietly. I felt discouraged. I'm Puting them in danger. They were safe in those jars. Not here in  the world.

        " We're going have to watch our backs. None of use can use our powers so we'll have to use hand to hand combat." I empied. Getting up I dust my self off before helping my mom up.

        " You know I don't nee ya'lls help right?" Mom asked , she switched her gaze between dad and I.

        " I know but I feel like I've got too. I should have saved you guys sooner. Not sitting in bed arguing with Drake. Plus I 'm pretty sure they both think I rejected them." I said the last part sader than I shhould have.

         " Listen guys are just as forgiving as girls. I'm sure you , of all people, can get them back. Now lets hurry up and get to this Freya girl." Dad said. He walked over to mom and draped his arm around her waist. Her smile was so bright and big it could light upp this whole city. I hope Drake and Blake and I will be like them.

        " Well than , love birds, lets hurry up and go." I said rolling my eyes. I seriosly wanted to lighten the mood but it still was as dence as before.

        They nodded as we speed walked threw the dence forest. We didn't encounter anyone as we ventured threw the forest. Soon we were at the rebel base camp , what was there made my blood boil.

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