Chapter 6 ( Violet's pov )

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Wrapping their arms around me they hugged me. " Okay but I have one question." I said as they but me down. " Okay what is it?" The one behind me said. To be truthful they were twins so i , like many others, couldn't tell them apart. " Which one of  you are Blake and which one is Drake.? And how am I supposed to tell you apart?" I said pointing to both of them and switching them. " Well for starters I'm Blake." The one in front of me said. " Yep and I'm Drake. You can tell us apart by our ears. Mine are attacked and Blake's are detached." " It's awesome to meet you two but we're going to have to keep this on the D L (A/N : down low) If my 'mom' found out I might never get to see you again." I said rubbing my left elbow , looking down in shame. Blake took my right hand. " It's okay but promise you'll at least meet us here. If your mom dosen't know about this place?" " She doesn't, and I promise to come here at midnight, every night." I said squeezing his hand. I let go and grabbed my boots. Sitting on the rock, I pulled my boots back on. " We'll see you tomorrow." Drake said running his finger threw my hair. " Ya. Well is this the part where we kiss good bye or something. I've never had a boyfriend or two at that." I said blushing looking at the ground. I finger lifted my head up. Drake kissed me and Blake kissed me as well. My lips tingled when their lips left mine. Saying bye I ran the rest of the way home. Arriving at the gates the guard let me in. Two guards were about to follow behind me but I waved them off. " Hello Miss Violet " , could be heard as I walked upstairs into my room. Everything in my room was red and orange. My queen sized bed sat in the middle of my room with its blood red curtains hanging down , to the left sat my vanity full of makeup and hair accessories. Farther to the right was my walk in closet and bathroom. Behind my bed sat my small movie theater. A plush couch with a 52'' by 52'  TV , a popcorn maker ,and full bucket full of candy .  This is what I call a room. I pull of my boots and went into my bathroom. My chamber maids were ready with towels ,flower petals and the tub full.  " Your bath ,Miss Violet." Lucy said gesturing to the bath. My four other maids came up to me and started undressing me. As each piece of clothing came of of me they vanished. I personally don't feel embarrassed when I'm naked in front of them. The've taken care of me since I was born. I climbed in to the tub and chatted with them as they washed me. " Okay i heard that Prince Zane has fallen in love with a werewolf boy. I think this rumor is ludicrous,but Alex, his man servant, could smell werewolf on him." Mackenzie said while washing my hair. ' So your saying that my brother is gay , and to top it off it a werewolf ?!" I asked her. " I just telling what i've heard." Mackenzie said shrugging. " Well then i hope he doesn't get in trouble or get caught, who know what the queen would do to him. " Poppy, the youngest one of my chamber maids, said scrubbing my feet. " I agree. She might not be scary to me but she still is a queen." I said in a matter of fact kind of tone. We all left it at that , the silence was quite stale. Once I was out of my bath my maids dried me of and left me so I could dress. I settled on wearing a red tank top, so white shorts, and my black Nike sneakers. I brushed threw my hair and put into a high ponytail. I walked downstairs and into Zane's room. Of course he was asleep on his bed. Do all 18 year old boys sleep like life depends on it? 'Cause to me it seems like they just wan't to escape from their own reality. I slowly crept into his bathroom i took the bucket he keeps in there ( I know weird much) and filled it with water. I picked it up and walked over to his bed. Lifting it up to his face I completely just pour it. He didn't even wake up ! Crazy, I know but he is a heavy sleeper. Okay Plan B, I lit my hand on fire and held it by his nose, he absolutely hates the fumes that come from fire. He didn't even move! Okay um I running out of  ideas, Plan C. I bitch slapped him. I instantly grabbed my wrist, ' If wanted me awake why didn't you just use the horn I put right on my nightstand?" He said letting go of my wrist and pointed to the yellow horn. " How could I have missed that? " " I don't know Miss Dumbo, now what was so important that you had to leave my Russian model."  He whinnied. " Okay first eww i didn't that image in my head and two, you know you had to attend some type of meeting with dad today right or did you just sleep threw it?" I said handing his his clock. He snatched it out of my hand and just plopped down on his soaked bed. " I'm soooooooo d-e-a-d,DEAD!" He screamed in his pillow. " Well my work here is done, i'm going to go help mom plan you funeral !" I sand happily skipping out of his room. I 'm so twisted! I skipped all the way to mom and dads room. I was about to knock when i heard them talking. " We really need to tell her the truth honey. She'll need time to settle with this idea of yours." My father pleaded. " No. A future queen needs to learn how to cope with what ever is thrown at her and this is just the thing." My mothers said her voice was hard and held way too much venom. " But a arranged marriage is not the thing she needs. For Moon Goddess sake she should have a choice like you did! Your mother let you choose me. " " Yes but my mother too soft. She couldn't stand blood! Violet needs to toughen up." " To hell with your mother, my little girl doen't need too toughen up she doesn't even smile at me even more ! She doesn't laugh she just chuckles under her breath. I wan't my old Violet back!" I father screamed at my mother. I heard footsteps. I ran down the halls into my room. I grabbed a army bag out my closet and started putting clothes in it. I went over to my bucket of candy and put that in my bag. I would have to get more food from the kitchen. I grabbed my tooth brush/paste, towels,blankets, hairbrush, and soap. An arranged marriage, that just evil. But what else should expect from her. Suddenly my brother was at my door. " Hey Violet I was wondering..... wait why are you crying and packing. Whats going on, tell me!" He ran up to me and shook my shoulders. " She.....arranged....can't go threw" I sobbed out. " What speak full sentences." He said hugging me. " She set up a arranged marriage and I can't go threw with it. I running away before it happens." I said wiping my tears away and zipping my bag half way closed. " Violet mom or some other horrible creature will come and get you, possible kill you." He said grabbing onto my bag. I put both of my hands on his face, " And if you don't tell anyone then I won't be found. Promise me you won't tell. Please." I pleaded. "I won't, I promise." He said hugging me before I waved good-bye and did the Star Trek "peace sign". ( A/N yes I am a Star Trek fan. And their new Spock is HOT and as good looking as a double fudge sundae with strawberries ! )  He did the same and i went invisible. I went into the kitchen and walked right on in. The chefs weren't even there. I grabbed every can of food we had and the can opener. I went out the back door and walked straight into the woods. Of course I set of the alarms and the guards came out and my mother was with them. A box I'm hand. A very small one made of electricity. She hit me with it and it grew around me. I now wasn't invisible. " So you heard me talking to your father. Well you are getting married that's true. And guess who the unlucky man is." I didn't answer. " Prince Nick of vampires. He only wan't your blood but who cares." She said cackling. I pushed on the bars, 100 volts of electricity shot threw me. A blood curtailing scream wanted to escape from my throat but I held it in. She walked into the palace and The cage lifted me up and we floated behind her. As we passed maids and servants they bowed and gave me pained looks. She must have choked something out of them. Then we passed my brother and father . I held on to the bars and screamed at him, " Why did you tell her!? You promised! Your not a brother of mine!" I said before finally realizing what I said. " Sorry." he mouthed. I suddenly noticed the marks on his neck and arms. Burns. They tortured him. Suddenly the electricity started getting to me. Black dots danced in vision before everything turned black.             **********************************************************************************************************  I know you all HATE her 'mother' by now so if you want her dead put it in the comments! I kind of feel twisted for making her be in an arranged marriage , especially to a vampire, but thats just the way I dreamed it. Anyway I'd like to say it's fun when I wake up and see new votes ,comments, followers, and just people fanning so please anyone who reads this vote and FOLLOW me PLEASE. And if you follow me I'm follow you and vote on your books and possibly write on your page so FOLLOW AND VOTE.                                                                                                                                                                  P.S  if you want the Red Queen dead ,aka 'mother',I will make it as gruesome as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Love  , EverAfterHighLover                                                                              

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