Chapter 5 ( Alpha Blake's pov)

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The red on the boys face ,from anger, could not even be missed. He looked so angry that you could practically see steam coming from his ears and nose. But just as he was about to tell her off, Freya shook Princess Violets arm and told her something. Luckily I was able to hear it , " Elementors and rouges coming from the North-East , 50 miles per hour." " Looks like we'll have to cut this short, witches North-East , 50 miles per hour. Three teams quickly separate! Team A specialist in earth, Team B specialist in flight, air, etc. Team C Will be the rest. Head out ! " Violet quickly started giving out  orders and the witches fallowed them out like this happened everyday. Odd ,very odd. But the way she gave out orders was sexy. By now my pack had figured out what was going on and were shifting.                                                                               (Violet's pov)                                                                                                                                                                  The werewolf's were shifting at different times. Shit! If they interfere they will get us all killed. " Freya help we build a shield around the werewolf's. They'll mess up everything." I whispered to her. She nodded and we stood on opposite sides of them and started chanting, " Kelapi."  ( A/N : key-ah-pie) Symbols floated in the air around them at light speed. And then they turned into a see threw shield. Their Alpha's started banging on it and i said to them, " Sorry but this is for your own good. Plus you'd just get in the way." I waved to them and quickly started running to the front of Group C. " Lets go!" I yelled out and shifted in to my Phoenix. My appearance changed, a ripped red dress and it was to the point to where it looked like a torn skirt, red sport bra, knee high boots, hoop earrings, ( hey the phoenix has good taste) and a leather jacket. But the really cool thing is all of it is made of never ending fire. Thus the name Phoenix. We ran farther and farther into the woods.When suddenly we came into a huge field . The rogues and Elementors were there shifted and ready with their elements. Their leader stepped forward and I did to. " Why are you here?" I asked her. " I was hoping the Alphas would come but this seems to be all I get. What a shame." She said making a fake pout. " Well you didn't answer my question." I said tapping my foot. " Actually I did." She said referring to the 'Alpha' comment. " Enough chit-chat let this begin! "I said charging forward. The air Elementors and Team B where battling above ,While Team A and Earth Elementors where on the ground. Everyone else where battling everywhere. I collided into their leader. Her claws scratched my leg causing it to bleed. I shot fire at her tail and she ran in circles trying to get it to down. I swung my leg under her and flipped her on to her back. I lit her on fire and watched her burn. ( A/N My favorite lyric. "Your gonna' stand there and watch me burn." :) ] Suddenly everyone stopped their fighting and stood frozen. Picking up her burning body i yelled out, " This a warning to all of you fools. Don't you EVER come back here. Now run back to your homes before I do to you what I did to your leader. NOW! " They ran away with their tails in between their legs. " Now lets head back to the school. I've got some angry mutts to deal with." I said sprouting my Phoenix wings. I flew up into the air and zoomed to the school. But luckily me my family had all ready found the shield filled with  werewolfs. I landed and walked up to them. " What up sis." Zane said examining the shield. " Hey ,bro." I answered back. My mother came right behind me and started her rant of the day, " I can't leave you in charge of a school of ....MUTTS..... and witches for a hour or two with out some one attacking! How the hell to you expect me to just hand or my title and let you rule over thousands of witches plus fire Elementors! Seriously how are you even my daughter you just can't do anything right. I've given you so much training, more than your brother, and you still -" But she didn't finish because I turn around and smacked her. Thick piercing smack kind of sound came from the contact. " Mother! I tried at least. And if you still think my way of handling the situation was wrong than go ahead and give Zane my birth right. I would give a DAMN if you did. And to hell with me calling you mother ever again. Your more like a Sargent than a Mother. ( I picked her up my her neck)  Got it." I said threw clenched teeth. her eyes shone with pride, " See that's the queen I wan't you to be. Angry!" I threw her into a tree hundreds of feet away. Zane came up to be but I raised my hand up to him. " I'm going home after I gets these were wolfs settled back in. Tell that woman i'm going home." Zane nodded and ran to his mother.  I walked up to the shield and and just kicked it. It cracked and and with one more hit and fell apart. " Ya'll are welcome." I said turn on my heel and walking into the woods, heading for my safe heaven. A pond I had always known about since i was born. In fact it was my first memories. The pond is so secret because the woman I used to call mom says shes never been here. Well anyway I sat on a rock by the pond and pulled out my flute. Its always hidden under a bush next to the rock. I pulled the flute to my lips and played the only tune I know. Its called it "Mommy ,Daddy,  Why Did You Leave". The day I had found the flute ,in its case, this paper was in it. It held the notes.  It my sound sad but it makes me fell better. And the good things is that it doesn't have words.  I could only guess how they would sound. As my fingers played my mind was on what my 'mom' said, maybe she was right. I always felt like my brother would be a better leader than me. I might act the act but he fells the fell. If you can understand that. *Sigh* I put my flute back in its case and took my boots off and sat on the edge of pond, legs in the pond of course.                                                                                                                                                                             (Alpha Drake's pov)                                                                                                                                                As me and Blake headed back to the pack house , threw the forest, we heard the most beautifully ,sad melody. " Do you hear that or is it just me." I asked him. " I do here it. Its coming from over there." Blake said pointing to the left. We started searching in that direction. Well it didn't take to long because we came up to a pond but we smelt someone scent. Strawberries and Chocolate, hinted with Maple. Yummy. It was so strong, they had to still be there."MATE, MATE, MOVE TO HER GO GO!" My wolf yelled in my head. " Dude my wolf says who ever is over there is my mate." I mind liked Blake. " Mine too bro. Lets just see who it is first." He mind liked back. I nodded.  Peering over the bush we were hiding behind we saw her, Princess Violet. That scent, that beautiful scent belonged to her!  "YES!!!" Blake yelled in my head. " No Blake No !!!!" I yelled back. ' Why not she fucking hot and a great leader!"  '"I've realized that but what about mom and dad. They wouldn't approve."          "  Does that even matter. She our SOUL-MATE for Moon Goddess sakes. The Moon Goddess gave her to us. Rejecting her is like rejecting The Moon Goddess wishes. We shouldn't. We should love her no matter what." Blake argued. Okay so hes right. " Fine, lets go." I mouth. He grins and slowly we walk around the bush. Violet looks up at us and just looks away as she gets up and grabs her boots. " Violet please wait. We need talk." Blake said reaching for her hand, but she pulled it away.   " What ever, we can't talk, mutts." She turning to us and putting her hand on he hip. "Listen we wan't to tell you something. It involves the Moon Goddess." I say looking her in the eye. Her back straightens and she stutters out. " The M-mooon G-goddess, what about her?" "We are you mates." We both say together. Her heart beat can now be easily heard and its beating a bit faster than normal. " That only happens in fairy tales. Not real life, MG wouldn't do that." She says dropping her boots. " Look we can prove it." Blake says taking a step forward. I did too. She looked at us bewildered as I stood behind her and Blake in front. I placed kisses down the left side if the neck and Blake on the right. Shocks came from us to her and back. She shook under our touch. I whispered in her ear, "Now do you believe us?" " She whispered back, " Yes. Yes I do."                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Authors ***********************************Words                                                                   Okay um well WHO LIKED THE END!  Because while I was writing this It was Raining and I was kind too awake. upset+ bored= WRITING BOOKthat's kind of what happened. So Drake Blake how fell about them being her mates, because to me it seemed quite predictable. I've read a lot of cliche books like this so I thought it was predictable. So I wan't to know, did you think it was cliche or was it a bot original or both? And what about her BITCH of a Mother. But don't worry I've got something planned for her 'MOTHER' (HINT HINT HINT! )                                                                                                                                May The Force Be With You,                                                                                                                                                                                      EverAfterHighLover

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