Chapter 20 Violets pov

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        I woke up to the sound of moaning. What is that? Where's it coming from? I wondered as I rose from the bed.

        My legs felt week but I kept walking. I went to the guest bedroom where the moans where the loudest. Maybe I shouldn't open the door. What if whats on the other side will break my heart? I thought about it before I decided that what eveasped in shock was going on on the ther side was not ging ot break my heart.

        Slowly I turned the nob and pushed it open. I gasped in shock and covered my mouth.

        Drake was in between Blakes legs , sucking him off. Blake groaned as his hips buckled and he laid back sighing.

        " Violet?" Blake's worried voice made it's way to my ears. Drake quickly moved away from Blake and looked at me.

        " I'm sorry I... didn't know." I quickly shuffled out of the room and downstairs.

        " Violet? Violet!" Drake called after me but I walked out of the house , barefoot and all. My dress was short but I didn't care. My own mates were fucking behind my back. Why? It's my main question right now. I can't satisfy their own needs. That's why. My reasons are very good. I don't want to die , nore do I want to miss out on a chance to get my revenge. I also don't want to put my baby in danger. I would kill myself if I ever out my own child in danger or even let it get close to death.

        I walked far away from the house , deep into the woods behind. I started running , lettting the trees fly by me. Finnaly I stopped and fell down to my knees. Trees surrounded me so thick that I barely could see the sun. It was darker here but it made me feel alone.

        " Violet!" Blake pleaded threw the link.

        " No. " I responded simpley.

        " Please we can explain. Just let us. We love you. " Drake added in. I sighed and got up. I just wanted to think about this but I guess i'm not going to .

        " Fine, just give me a minute. " I waked threw the woods towards the familiar scent of the house.

        " Violet please let us explain." Drake said meeting me at the door. He now was clothed. I grabbed his wrist and sat down on the couch. Blake came around the corner with his head hung. His face was so sad. I pulled him down to sit next to me.

        " Start explaining or im going to slap you both." I glarred at them.

        " Im gay." Blake said bluntley. I nodded at him to continue. " We used to do that alot when I first figured out that I was gay. Drake , being my such a great brother , helps me get some releaf. I've just never told anyone but him. I love Violet I really do, but i'm still gay. I'm really sorry but I can't really change myself. Can you forgive me?" Blake took my hand and kissed it.

        " I would never ask you to change for me. It's just hard to wrap my head around the idea that your gay but still love me. Is it just the mate bond that makes you feel like this? " I asked cupping his face in my hands. He look confused.

        " I'm not sure." He looked at me pleading for me to understand. And I did. I brought him to me as I kissed him. We broke apart and I kissed Drake as well.

        " Well it's still 2:00 do you want to go for a walk?" I nodded at Drake and went to go put on a jacket and shoes. The closet next to the front door was where I went and grabbed our stuff. I slipped on my sneakers and long trench coat. Drake and Blake went upstairs and soon came back with blue and green button down shirts ,long dark jeans, and black sneakers. I chuckled at the their choice of clothes.

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