Chapter 7 ( Violet's pov)

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I've been in this cage fore six months, I think. All I been able to do is count the days. The Red Queen has been keeping me in the dungeons , in a cage, with only enough food to keep me alive. I've become so skinny you can see all of my ribs. I'm lucky to be healthy because of some guards who say they are only loyal to me. Of course I don't believe them, but I eat their food anyway. I would have escaped month's ago but She has put curses in the cage with me, making sure I can't use my powers. I wish I had stayed and made a plan but I my judgment was clouded by the thought of Drake and Blake. I know there worried, those same guards told me, " Their searching for their disappeared Luna. No one but Drake and Blake know her identity."  " Good, good. " My cold raspy voice said. Suddenly footsteps could be heard on the stairs. The Red Queens voice could be heard first, " Maids, I wan't Violet bathed and dressed before the wedding. And guards but these cursed shackles on her , and don't take them off for any reason. Am I clear?! " " Yes, Queen Red!" She wen't right back upstairs. I stuck my skinny arms and legs in between the bars. " I so sorry about this Queen Violet." He told me bowing and then put the shackles on. " I'm no Queen." I told him. A maid spoke up, " In out eyes your way better then That Queen Red." She grabbed the key on the wall and waked over to the cage. Unlocking it she stretched her arms out. I slowly crawled out of the small cage, into her arms. Two guards came t my sides and put my arms around their shoulders. Their other arms went under my knees ,so I was sitting on their arms. They started up the stairs. Once at the top they opened the huge metal door and took me straight to my old room. I expected dust to be everywhere, but everything looked well kept. Leading me t my bathroom where my old chamber maids cleaned me up. Not one word was said, only sad faces. They dried me off and dressed me in a short blood red dress, my hair in a bun with beads hanging from the edges, Diamond teardrop earrings, and flats. The neck line of the dress showed off my neck, which i'm sure was asked by Prince Nick. The Red Queen suddenly burst-ed in just as they finished. " Well at least you look okay. " She grabbed my arm and started dragging me to the limo she had parked. She pushed me in and then she got in. " Step on it." She demanded. The way the driver was driving gives a whole new meaning to ' Peddle to the Medal '. 100 miles per hour got us to the chapel in 5 minutes. But thankfully I had The Red Queen to accompany me, note the sarcasm. Pushing me out of the car and into the front hall, she went to her seat.  Freya was there and she looked so sad. " Freya whats wrong." I asked her walking closer to her. ' This whole sick idea of your mothers. Vampires are blood sucking demons. And then she starved you and but you in shackles. This is sick! I know no one wan't to see you married to a Vampire!" She said anger,sadness, venom dripping from her every word. " It's okay, I have this feeling like something is going to turn the tables today. Just watch for my signal. Then come to my side. Okay?" I asked her. She nodded her head. "Good, now go to your seat." I said hugging her . She walked over to the side doors and disappeared. Two vampire girls came to me and took my hands. The ushered me to the doors leading to the inside of the church. The music started signaling for them to disappear. The doors opened just as they left. I started to walk forward, to my doom, all eyes on me,  just perfect. The vampires were on my left and witches were on my right. At the end of the isle stood Prince Nick. His skin was sickly pale and his green eyes held Lust, ( ukk )of course his jet black hair was greased down and nicely combed. ( so much sarcasm) Once I reached the steps her didn't extend his hand to help me at all. If I do end up marring him I will kill him in his sleep, with the sun of course. I stood in front of him and didn't pay attention to the priest at all. But then he said ," Does anyone abject to the marriage between Prince Nick and Princess Violet?" I so wanted to say, " I do" but someone got to it before me. "We do." Two deep thick voice said from the door. I whipped my had in their direction so fast that I almost got whiplash. There stood my two sexy mates arms crossed and both glaring at Nick. That's when I signaled Freya. Tapping my toe three times she quickly shot in to action. But that when all hell broke lose. Vampires went right for my mates but I couldn't do anything. I was too weak.                                                                                                                                                                                  ( Alpha Blake's pov )                                                                                                                                                      Me and my brother just got threw the security, well more like killed them, were glaring at the Vampire Prince. From the corner of my eye I could she Violet tap her toe three times, her friend Freya got up and raced towards the Prince. Every vampire quickly ran towards Drake and I. Good thing we brought the pack with us or we would be goners. The pack quickly started busting threw the windows and the roof like the FBI. I went towards the Prince but stopped when I saw try to quietly hide from the fight. She was so skinny, she looked like a skeleton. Who could have done something like this to my sweet Violet. I raced straight to her and put my arm around her waist. " I getting you out of her my sweet Violet." I said to her quietly and the carried her bridal style out the window. My brother and the pack could take care of everything. I went at top speed threw the woods jumping over lags and stumps care full not the jostle her. Once we got to the border to my territory. Witches couldn't go past here. I didn't even think about that. " Bull shit Blake shes our mate so technically the Luna. It will work." Lance , my wolf said. I slowly walked threw the border. Shes still okay and in my arms , good. I started running straight for the pack house. " Green I need you in my room stat with all your supplies." I say in the mind link. " Yes Alpha." I cut off the mind link and run past the front door and to my room. Green was there and ready. I laid Violet down on the bed and sat right next to her. " Alpha i'm going to need you out of the room." Green says already checking Violets heart beat. " No way an I'm leaving her side. We've been apart for six months!" I yell at her.      " You wan't her better right. Well then you need to be out of here for this. She'll be in a lot of pain and You'll be at my throat when it happens." She argues looking at me from her blue round eyes. " Fine but I'll right out side the door, " She raised her eyebrow, " Okay then downstairs."                                                    ( Alpha Drake's pov)                                                                                                                                          I ripped body after body apart all were vampire. The witches all teamed up with us and were all going for their Queen. But she literal got a broom stick and flew any screaming, " Off with your heads! Off with all of your heads!" She is so crazy. ( A/N I'm kind of bad at writing bloody scene plus i'm sleepy so i'm going to skip to close the end of the battle) With every vampire dead, including Prince Nick, we all rushed to the pack house seeing that Blake and Violet were gone the witches said that they carried about Violet and Wanted just be able to see if Violet was okay. But Freya was the one who wen't up to me and demanded I let down the shields so she could see her friend. Of course I had to say no, and that resulted in me having her ripped off of me by the witches. Me and the pack raced to the pack house. But the sight wasn't pretty. Screams could be heard from upstairs but Blake was on the couch with headphones on and crying. I was just about to race upstairs when Blake came in front of me and stood in the way. " Green is trying to help Violet. She said no one could come upstairs." He said between sniffles. So then we both ended up on the couch with headphones on. They didn't help much but they muffled the sound a little. This wen't on for the next four hours. My head squeezed every time I heard her scream. hat could make anyone scream that much? If I was up there could I help ease her pain? Question after question rolled threw my head and I could feel my wolf pounding on his cage, wanting only to go comfort his mate. " I hope Green would hurry up with what ever shes doing. I'm not sure I can hold my wolf back any longer." Blake mind linked. But just as he finished Green came downstairs looking sad. " Shes okay but she really needs food. Shes caught some type of sickness. I can't tell if it's a virus or something. I've never seen something like this before. I'll have to call in a healer from the Emerald pack. But you guys can up there." Green said. And then Blake was off like a bullet already at the top of the stairs. I followed him to his bedroom and we walked in. Violet was under the cover with a cold towel covering her forehead and her skin was blue, green, then orange. So strange. We raced to her side. " Violet, honey can you hear me?" I asked taking her left hand. " Drake ,Blake where are you guys? I can't anything. I only can see heat and cold." Her raspy voice said as she tried to find my face. " Violet your sick. And at our pack house. Our pack Doctor said you have some type of unheard of virus. A healer his coming to see if he can cure you." Blake said taking her right hand and kissing it. " Hey i'm actually really sleepy. " She said yawning. " Of course honey. We'll leave so you can sleep." I said getting up. She quickly grabbed my wrist no stay, both of you," She patted both sides of the bed. " Lay with me, please." She begged feeling around for Blake's arm. I kicked of my shoes and shirt and climbed in bed with her. Blake did too and crawled in on the other side. She cuddled into both of us and fell of us. Blake soon fell asleep and I welcomed the lullaby of sleep.                                                 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&     Okay so I just wanted to say thanks for all the new followers. Love you all and sorry for taking so long to update.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sincerely,    EverAfterHighLover     

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