Chapter 18 ( Violets pov)

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A/N*Hey you guys this a rated R chapter. I just couldn't figure out to make it private. And I kind of didn't want to . So read at your own risk.*A/N

         I woke up cuddled up in Drake and Blakes arms. Both of them had their arms around me and their faces buried into my neck. I slowly sat up. It looked to be 8 in the morning. Looking around the room for a minute I dicided to get dressed. Slowly I crawled off the bed. I went around and kissed both of their cheeks. Quietly I got dressed in a blue summer dress. I pulled my messy hair into a ponytail.

         I walked downstairs and instantly I was meet with a bunch of people.

        " Morning , Luna Violet!" They all said together as I walked past them into the kitchen. I laughed  and waved as many people wished their own personal good mornings.

        Once I got to the kitchen there were many young girls and milddle aged women cooking and just gossiping. Although the second I walked in they all atopped talking and cooking and looked at me. Then every girl under 18 went squealing ," Luna Violet , Luna Violet!" . There squealing was so loud that it over whelmed my sences. I quickly quieted them.

        " Morning everyone! It's so nice to see all of you. I actually came in to ask what was for breakfast?" Instantly a short haired girl , mabye even 10 years old, came up to me.

        " Well ,Luna , today we will be having strawberry ,blueberry or bannana pancakes , freashly killed sausages , fruit ,any type you want we got it , strawberry , blueberry ,bannana cakes too , and finally ( my personal favorite) Grandma Bee's apple citer. Her citer is pumped ,pressed, concintrated ,and mixed with suryp to creat the perfect citer feel. Is that pleasing?" She asked as she finished her quick speach. She spoke faster than an octioner but she looked shyer than a butterfly. her hands were folded behind her back and she tapped her foot behind her.

        " Thats perfect. And whats your name?" I asked her brushing a stray strand of hair from her face. She blushed crimsion as she spoke.

        " AnMarie Banks."

        I nodded as I stood up and put my hands together.

        " Well thank you all for making the meals but ive got to skip off and wake up my mates, bye." I walked out of the kitchen , threw the large mass of people , and up the steps. Once I got back into the room I saw them still asleep. Their arms were tangled around each other as they snored away.

        Now this is something I can make fun of.

         I quickly went searching for Drakes phone. Which I found on the bedside table. I quickly got to the camera and snapped a picture of them cuddled up and snoring. But what I hadn't thought about was the flash. Once the flash went off their eyes popped open and then they looked at me. I sat on my knees with my dress riding up to my hips they both grinned as they pulled me in bed with them. Drakes phone completely forgotten as they smotherd me with kisses.

        " So you thought you take a picture of us." Blake's husky voice said as he trailed kisses down my neck.

        I shiverd , " Ya, I did." Drake layed kisses on my neck and back.

        " And what should be your punishment." Drake asked as he purposely let his tongue snake out tap my ear.

        " I dont know but Ii do now that if you do that again we will miss breakfast. " The minute I said that they were groaning.

        " Why! My two favorite things and I can only choose one." Drake groaned. He flopped back down and sighed.

        " Well while my brother wastes time talking about breakfast im gonna go eat. After I get dressed of course , Violet." He said after seeing me cross my arms. I nodded saying he was right.

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