Chapter 10 ( Alpha Drake )

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 As I stormed out of the room I could hear Blake talking. I may be a little hot headed but Violet didn't have the right to do something like that. I 's not my fault she slapped me. I lost my hold. It's not that big of deal. I marched out to the woods. My wolf was scratching to get out , literally. And it hurt me. His non stop whining was lie a siren going on for hours , and only getting louder. " Drake! Let me out , please!! I haven't been out for weeks! Let me OUT !" Chance whinnied scratching at my brain. I hate the fact we share a body. Plus he's too wild. " Chance , if you don't stop I'll never let you out for another month."  I sweetly said. The whining finally stopped. Going deeper into the woods ,until I couldn't fully hear the business of the pack, I stripped down. And might I add , my body is to die for. I've heard some conversations from girls and most of them consist of them repeatedly saying,

            " God , I want a piece of that," or , " I wish I could get him in bed. Maybe with His brother too," . But just to clear things up , yes I'm a virgin. And my brother too. It wouldn't be loyal to our mate if we wern't. But i'm not sure she thinks that. I got on for legs and slowly felt my bones rearrange them self's, fur growing everywhere. I still remember my first shift. Might say it hurt like hell. Like lava was slowly being poured on me while my bones were rearranging. And dry ice was in between my bones. Yes I did scream. A very girly scream at that. A Blake still like to mock me about it. He might be powerful will with words but I've got the muscles to keep him from saying that. Hes the Brain , I'm the Brawn.

          Once the transformation was done , Chance quickly pushed me back. Now he was control. " Thanks Drake."  Soon Chance was of like a bullet running around like a maniac. Yep wild isn't fully the right word to describe him, crazy is. Chance started sniffing around. " What'cha sniffing out , Chance? " " I think Lance is near." Lance? Aw, Blake's wolf. Chance's twin too. A large black wolf came up to us. " Chance , Blake wants to talk to Drake." Lance voice echoed inside of our head. "  But he always shuts me up for weeks." Chance complained. "  Chance stop being a baby. Blake does the samething and look at me , it's not that bad. The've got responsibilities."  

This is why I envy Blake. He get the understanding quite wolf. Suddenly I found my self being pushed forward again. "

        What the hell was that , Drake! You slapped her!" Blake screamed. He barley screams so he must be seriously angry. " I don't have a good answer, but I'm sorry." I really was upset she punched me but I know I shouldn't have let her get to me. But I guess I was just tired of having to see her so sick and then sprout such high levels of energy. And the way she used that energy was what I think made me snap.  " Well sorry isn't good enough. You made Violet mad. Shes our only mate. If you mess up your relationship with her you'll feel the pain of the bond and because we're twins I feel what you feel. And your forgetting that it her heart your dealing with her heart. She'll forever be broken if you do the wrong thing. So what I wan't you to go do is GO APOLOGIES TO VIOLET RIGHT NOW OR ,GODDESSES HELP ME, WHEN I'M DONE WITH YOUR ASS YOU'LL BE WISHING YOU WERE SIX FEET UNDER ! " His voice rose the more he talked, to  the point he  started screeching. "Okayy Blake , i'll try."   And with that I was off like a bullet ready to try to patch up all my mistakes. But mostly that bruise she left on my face.Quickly reaching the spot where I hid my clothes I rushed to put them on. Why am I rushing? She's still in our room laying done probably balling her eyes out because of my me.I felt my heart squeeze. I was the reason she could be crying.   Wait a minute, you made mate CRY ! "Chance yelled in my head. " Hypotheticaly."I corrected. " Hypotheticaly or not she may be crying. Run like the wind Bulles Eye!" How childish can he get? With a small deturmend chuckle I quickly was running at top speed. I hope she's not toangry.

        Once I got to the packhouse everyone was greeting me left and right. Lots of " Hi's" , and " Hello's" were said and returend, but I still managed to slip past them all in recored time. Running up the stairs, two at a time, I made it to my room. I put my ear to the to the door, especting to hear Violet's soft snore. But what I did hear shocked me. The sound of the window being openned. Busting the door open I saw one sight I wish I had never seen. Violet sitting on the window seal , her legs dangling,her arms losly supporting her. " VIOLET, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!!!??? Her head quickly turned to me. Her big eyes looked at me , dead in the eyes, before she closed them and jumped. I launched myself at the windw hoping I would grab her. But I was too late. Picking myself back up I looked over the window seal , affraid of what I might see. But what I saw amazed me. She landed on her feet , the weak girl I thought I knew was gone.

        She played us for suckers. She played sick until she had to leave. She made me beleve she loved me! I've never felt soething so pain full i my life.I felt like she tuck my heart , pulled it out, shredded it, and set it on fire. I couldn't breath. I gripped my chest. I couldn't get enough air. Tears started to stream down my face.Then relation hit me.

                 She was gone and I'm never getting her back. Everything went black.

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