Chapter 3 (Alpha Blake pov)

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Me and my brother, Drake, were out on the football field pacing back and forth ,waiting for the witches to arrive. I still couldn't believe my brother talked me in to making this agreement. A little bit about me and my brother is that we are twins. We both are 18 and have short black hair,blue eyes, cinnamon colored skin, and usually wear a white tee-shirt, black jeans, white Nike sneakers, and black jackets. We dress the same just to mess with people. But we do have a secret to telling each other apart. I have detached earlobes and Drake has attached earlobes. But we don't ear piercings. Enough about us. Okay we were pacing, stopping, looking at each other and and starting over again. "God were are they." I asked Drake threw the mind link. " I don't know. How would I know ?" He asked. I just cocked my eyebrow at him. I finally stopped pacing when a group of witches came over and sat on one side of  the football field. More came until a huge group came, they parted like the Red Sea and tall girl came threw. She probably was like 6'10 or 7" at highest. Drake and I are 7'5. She must hold some type of power or high ranking to be even close to an alphas usual height. Drake shoved me a little before mind linking me, "Stop drooling bro, that's Princess Violet of witches. She may be pretty but shes a witch." His voice was very serious, a bit too serious. This probably is the only thing different about us, Drake completely hates witches while I don't really see whats bad about them. I' ve never really meet a witch and neither has Drake, I think. Right behind Princess Violet was a young girl with short black hair and round glasses. She had a walkie talkie clipped to her belt. My guess is that she is Princess Violets assistant . Why would the Princess need a assistant? Either way i'm getting off subject. The witches sat down and Violet stood right in front of her witches.                                                                                                                                                                                                             (Violet's pov)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As I stood in front of my subjects, minus the werewolf's, I actually just how much I don't like werewolf's. They smell like pure pine tree,mud, and fur. Yuck! I don't understand how  they have sensitive noses and can smell that on each other. "Werewolves and witches you all know why you were called here, and you've been given some time to decide what you want the other side to agree to. So anyone got an idea?" Freya said looking towards everyone.A girl witch from the middle stood up, "I think that maybe us witches could stop with the curses if they promise to not attack us out of the blue." A werewolf girl stood up facing the witch who just spoke up, " We don't just attack its getting you witches back for turning my brother into a rainbow." She picked up a boy next to her and ,of course, his skin was a rainbow. Every witch started to laugh including Freya. I wasn't laughing  on the outside but on the inside I was holding my stomach in laughter. Snapping my fingers three times every witch stopped laughing. " Which one of you did this?" I asked meanly. Every hand pointed towords the witch who spoke first. " Might I ask why ?" I asked. Her face paled alot as she started stuttering like a crazy person. " Well you was just a prank......we didn't the spell would last more than a day....... were sorry to disappoint you Princess. " She looked like she would pass out in a minute if she kept talking. " What do you mean by 'we'?" I asked, I wonder why I'm the one asking questions.                                                                                                                                                                                                  &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&                                  AUTHORS NOTE&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Hey readers, sorry for the late update. A bit biz-a. SORRY i ALSO HAD WRITERS BLOCK BYE. lOVE YOU

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