Chapter 11 ( Blake's pov )

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        I went for a long run after Drake left. I still was angry. He did the most idiotic thing in the world. It was probably a hour or so later when I headed back to the pack house. Jumping back into my clothes I walked back over to my office. One of the down sides of being the Alpha is the tones of paper work. I don't care if Drake considers me the smart one, I HATE WORK! Whats the point of all of this. Sitting down in my plush chair, yes even I deserve some comfort,  I got to work on the stake of papers on the desk.

         I wanted to give Violet sometime to slap Drake around. About thirty minutes later I took a break.  " Blake , you might want to pick up the pace. Chance won't answer me." Lance advised. See this is why I like Lance better than Chance. Chance likes to just let bad things happen. Lance he's always trying to steer me in the right direction.

        I started speed walking. If I started to run the whole pack might get the wrong idea and suspect somethings wrong.

         Getting up the stars I broke into a jog. Yes it's possible to jog upstairs. Once at the third level I ran straight to my room. Without knocking , I opened the door. Hey it is partially my room , why knock. I expected to see Drake and Violet staring glares at each other. But what I saw scared me so much I , kind of girly-like , screamed. Drake was sitting under the window , his face paled, and his eyes were closed. His body was completely stilled. I ran over to his , ending it with a slide to his side. Taking his wrist in my hand, I felt for a pulse. I let out a sigh of relief , his quick pulse could be felt.

        " Drake. Drake, Wake up!" I screamed in his ear. Not inch of movement.

        What in the world could of happened? And wheres Violet? Looking up I could see the window was open.

        Violet wasn't in the room, Drake was knocked out, and the window was open. That could only mean...... Jumping away from Drake I lifted my self up so I could see outside. Slowly I lowered my gaze to the grass under the window. Ever part of me was hoping that Violet wasn't there. But good thing the fates were on my side.Violet wasn't there. But wait a minute, WHERE IS SHE !?         

        Dropping back down to Drake I slapped him as hard as I could. This at least got him to open his eyes. Blinking his eyes a couple times he opened his mouth. But I cut him off, " WHERE THE HELL IS VIOLET!!!!" He looked hurt then angry. " I want nothing to do with that....that ......that..... whore!" He boldly yelled. That sent Lance over the edge and he pushed me back. Grabbing his shirt he punched him. Drake's head quickly turned to the left. To me it looked like he got whiplash.

          " Drake , i'm fed up with this act of yours. She your mate as well as mine! You've hurt her and now she has some how ran away. You always leave things to dealt with by Blake, but you know what, he can't take anymore of this. Blake and I now are going to have to go searching for the Luna of this pack, risking our buts ( and the packs) , because of your fucking mistake. ONCE AGAIN!" 

        Drake looked taken back as I was pushed forward again. " Well she's not my mate anymore. She rejected me. Then ran out the window. And you want to know something, she was at the window when I came in! It's not my fault at all. Your precise little mate left me and you behind her. So your rejected too! Hows that for the truth?" Drake pushed my hand of of him.

        I was shocked. She ran away from us both. But she had to of had a reason for leave us. If she does then she would of had to of had someone who she could run to , Freya. " Come on I think I know where she is." I said getting up.

               ( Violets pov)

        " You know there probably already sending them, or their searching themselves. Probably not wanting to worry the pack. Where do you think they would look first?" My father questioned as we helped my mother stand up. Shit. " There going to go check the rebel camp. Or as far as they know, where my friend Freya is. We'vegot to hurry." I answered. " I can walk you two." My mother said taking her arms away from us. As soon as she did she started walking towards the entrance to the air pocked cave.

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