The New Phoenix chapter 1

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What up, my name is Princess Violet Electra Phoenix, age 18. I have long black hair with red-orange-yellowish strecks. They are natruly there. I have orange eyes that most people say look like they have moving flames in them. My skin is a cinnimon color. I usually wear a black tank top,black leather pants, knee high leather boots, and my lovely leather jacket. I am emo but its only because I hold the secret to stopping the war against witches and werewolfs. Im the Phoenix, the new Phoenix. But im also a witch. My powers are triggered by my emotions so I have to stay calm all the time. I am the Princess of Witches and this year im going to finish high school at Paris High School. Its a school for mortals but some werewolfs and witches go there. So im going there to just make sure nothing happens. Im going to be the queen of witches this summer so I have to be familier with my subjects.(I have a older brother who is pretty much going to school with me as a body guard. Prince Zane Iden Phoenix,age 18. He was born in December and I was born in January. He has short black hair, blue eyes, and he usualy wears dark clothes but hes not emo.) (Violet's pov) I woke up and quickly took a shower. Later I got dressed in my usual clothes and grabbed my bag. My maid came and knocked on my door. " Your limo is here Miss. Phoenix." " Is my food ready?" " Your pancakes are hot and ready. The cook says its best to eat in the limo." I waved her off as I ran ot the door and jumped into my limo. My nose was meet with the smell of strawberry pancakes and syrup. My assistant/BFF,Freya, handed me my pancakes with a fork and a cup of orange juice. " You'll want to eat quickly the drive only last ten minutes." Freya said taking out her phone. She dialed a number and started talking in code. A code i've heard many of my guard talk in. I personaly dont belive I need guards. But my mom and dad insist. Well any way a minute or two before we arrived I finished and put some hand sanitizer on my hands. Once we were at school every witches eyes were on my limo. I stepped out and next Freya with my bag. The witches got on their right one knee and put their right arm on their heart. They lowered their heads and muttered "Princess Violet" as I walked past them. The werewolfs , of course, growled at me. Like they could scare me! Please. I got in the school and Freya handed me my bag. She pulled a clip board out of thin are and started reading my to-do list. " 1. You and the Alpha of The Shadow Pack have to go talk at a assemble and work out a agreement for the werewolfs not to attack witches just out of anger and for the witches not to pull pranks on the werewolfs, etc. 2. You'll servey the witch teachers and students. Making sure none are dangerouse towords the werewolfs. We dont want a blow out between everyone. And that seems to be all thats on here. I'll be at your side the whole time." Freya said as we made our way to the office. The office is ran by friendly witchs and werewolfs who dont hate the other side. I personly had to question every last one of them to make sure they were safe. My moms greatest saying is, " How can you rule when theirs no one to rule over?" My mom's cool and all but some times she can become The Mad Hatter. But she is the nicest and funniest queen in the world.

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