Chapter 12 ( Freya's pov ) YAY!

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        As soon as I said it I felt self-conscience. I never fell this way , ever!

        Violet's mouth dropped " You can't be serious!? Brandon is so monotone , serious , and  ( in a god way) weird. And I thought that you had already found your mate?"

        " Well the thing is that was a decoy. Mother wanted to know if I had found my mate. I knew that if I didn't have one, she would bug me about it till I do find him. So I told her my mate had moved away because of Queen Red  and that he was a total jerk to me anyway. I had to say something believable." Maybe I was over reacting but still Violet should respect my decision. I shouldn't have to always follow behind her.

        " Freya you should wait until he comes up to you and says your mates. You might fell a pull but it may be wrong. " Violet spoke with a demanding tone. Something in me kept saying he was my other half and that I should forget about what Violet has said. That I should go to his room tonight and ask about us being mates. Of course I'm not going to tell Violet about my plan. I'm not stupid.

        " You know what forget about about all of this. I'm going to bed. Please don't tell anyone I said anything." I said already getting up and walking out the door.

        " Wait where are you going?" Violet asked racing over to me.

        " That's none of your business Violet. I got stuff I need to take care of , just like you." I might have sounded a bit ( more like alot) bitchy but I this point I don't give a fuck. She is going against my heart decision. I believe in the heart she doesn't always follow her heart. She always wants to be in lead. And I respect that but she's a control freak. The only reason we're friends is because I'm the only one who witnessed her go from Zero to Hero. I'm the only one who was able to keep her sain.

        Stepping into the dark night air I pulled my leather jacket tighter around me. If I didn't hurry vampires would be my last problem. I sped my pace to a jog. I jumped over roots , fallen trees , and bushes with quick agility. Hey we all have our secrets. Violets a shifter. Who would have guessed.

        After a couple of minutes I got back to camp. The camp is home for about 300 people. We all band together to defeat Queen Red. Some of use start to lose hope because we don't have any real weapons. But we are witches. The strongest. And if we can band together with the Shadow pack than we will defiantly be able to win this. With courage we all stay have we are happy. The good thing is we haven't lost too many people. None of us are sick. We have enough food in the forest. Its just like Hunger Games. Sort of. 

        I walked into camp and passed my people laying down on their sleeping bags. Some were putting out their fires while some were eating. But most were sleep.

        I found some of the men switching shifts for watch.

         " I 'll take the shift guys." A young boy , Luke , said.

        " Luke , you took a shift all night last night. You should rest." Another boy , Jack ,said , he put his hand on Luke's shoulder.

        " Why should I rest. There's no reason I should. Vampires and Queen Red killed my whole family. I wont rest until she's dead as well." Luke said pushing Jack's hand of his shoulder.

        Jake looked worried at first before he just left.

        Things like this is why I created the rebellion. She killed a whole family and left a scared little boy to die. I had found Luke in an alley, crying , covered in blood. I had hid him away before Queen Red found out he was alive. He had so many scares all over him. Emotionally and Physical. Victims like Luke are the reason why I don't give up. I will not , shall not, let Queen Red escape.

        I went over to my sleeping bag. It's in one of the trees , where I can see everything. I never go to sleep. I can't. With all the scared people under me , under my protection, I can't let my shields down.

     Pulling the bag over me I curled into a ball. I searched the area. Looking mostly for quick movements. Vampires like to use their super speed to creep up on their victims.  I hate vampires. The've done too many bad's to be considered good.

        My body started getting sleepy when I felt a strong gush of wind passed under me. Immediately I jumped up. But I was a second too late. A ear piercing scream rang out. I landed on my feet. Light as bright as the sun came from my hands. Standing in front of me  was a vampire. His pale skin was coated in blood , his eyes completely black , and his clothes coated in blood.

        He cowered in fear when I brought my hand near him. " You know your trespassing. "  I brought my hand closer.

        " Yes but i'm so hungry. Please just a little blood. I wont kill anyone." He pleaded.

        I may be nice at times but this is not something I will let happen. " Sorry but we just don't let anyone suck our blood. Leave before I have to kill you." I said with annoyance clear in my voice.

        " Fine i'll be out of your way." He quickly started scurrying away.

        Once he was gone I turned back to the person he had attacked. It was a young girl , maybe 14 ,13 , she was clutching her side for dear life.

        " Someone get me some gauze , towel , and disinfectant. Hurry up people! " I yelled out these orders while making my whole body glow instead of just my hand. A boy quickly ran over to us. All of the things I asked for were in his arms. 

        " Will she be okay?" He asked. Worry was clear in his features. They oddly looked alike. Same brown hair , green eyes , and peach skin. 

        "Who is she to you?" I dodged the question. She was bleeding alot so I'm not too sure.

        " My cousin. Will she be okay?" He asked a bit more forcefully.

         " I'm not too sure."  I can't lie. I grabbed the towel and applied some pressure while I got the disinfectant ready. 

        He was silent while I tried to help her wound. I poured some disinfectant on her and put the towel back on. The silence was uncomfortable. Like at a funeral , but this wasn't going to be one. I got the gauze and the clip for it. The boy went and put his hands on the towel as I unraveled the gauze. Taking the gauze I put it where the towel is as wrapped it around her. 

        " I'll cast a healing spell on her. It will make her heal faster. And look after her tonight." I said standing up and dusting my hand of on my jeans.

        " Thank you leader Freya. And I promise to be here all night. I nodded off to him and climbed back up to my bed. Snuggling back into my blankets a thought crossed my mind , "I have to get those alphas to let us stay with them or at least on their land."

        And with that I stayed awake all night. I think.

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