Chapter 8 (Violet's pov)

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I woke up later that night coughing. I still couldn't see anything. Uggg I hate what ever is going on with me! I felt Drake , on my left, move around. " Are you okay?" His deep ,rough voice questioned, sending shivers up my spine.  But I couldn't answer him. My coughing fit was too much for me. " Violet, do you want me to get you some water?"Blake , on my right, asked.  I quickly nodded my head. I could feel Blake quickly get up and walk all the way to the door.  The door closed quietly.  My coughing started getting stronger.  I curled up into a ball trying to lessen it a little bit. Drake pulled me into his arms. He ran his fingers threw my hair and kissed the top on of my forehead. Blake came back a couple minutes later. Drake tilted my head back as Blake poured the water down my throat.  Of course some of it ended up spilling out, because of my unexpected coughs. Once the water was gone(I guess) they laid , me down. Slowly and painfully my coughing fit stopped. "Thanks for your help. " I said feeling around for their hands. Two rough but warm hands gripped mine.  " That's what we're supposed to do as your mates." They said together. " Now lets go to bed." Drake said already tucking me in. A yawn was my only response. I could feel them both get back into bed and drape their arms securely around me. I slept like a baby for the rest of the     night.                                    Alpha Blake's pov                                                                                                                                                   I woke up some where around 10'o clock the next morning to the sound of knocking. Of course my brother was sleeping like a rock , with Violet clinging to him. Lucky bastard. I climbed out of bed and went to open the door. Brandon stood on the other side looking wide awake. Brandon Majors is our Beta. The crazy thing is around the time he became Beta his little sister died from a rogue attack and from then on he kind of lost most of the fun things about him. He never laughs or smiles. He at least is laid back. I hope his mate changes him. Yep that's right, he's mate less. " There is a Healer here saying that you and the pack doctor requested for her to be here A.S.A.P. ?" Brandon said looking a bit confused. Hey I didn't say he was emotionless. "Okay just tell her to come up here in 20 minutes." I said rubbing my eyes a bit more. " Sure." Brandon said walking right back down the hall and disappearing down the stairs. I ran my fingers threw my hair. I had twenty minutes to get dressed, have Drake and Violet up and dressed properly. Why didn't I just say half an hour? " Easy, because Violet needs help as fast as possible. Now hurry up and get them up and dressed."   Lance said in a 'Duh' tone.  Walking over to Drake and pulled onto his nose. Yep I'm being mean but we didn't have a lot of time to spare. He pulled my hand off and wen't back to snoring. So that didn't work. I slapped him ,hard. He quickly sprung up, holding on to his cheek. " WHY THE HELL DID ! , ," I covered his mouth and pointed to Violet's sleeping form. I took my hand off. " You slap me? " He finished angrily whispering. " Because the Healer is coming up to our room in fifteen minutes. So get your ass up and make your self look presentable, while I wake Violet up and help her change clothes." I whispered while gesturing to the bathroom. He didn't argue , just got up and went into the bathroom. I walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down. I turned over to Violet and gently put my hand on her shoulder. I shook her a little. " Violet ,come on, wake up . Sweetheart." I said just as her eyes fluttered open. But she closed them tight one more. The curtains were opened. " Sorry." I said running to close them. Once i pulled them closed i turned back to her ,to see that she was sitting up  and rubbing her eyes. " Morning Sweetheart, there's a Healer that's going to be here in fourteen minutes. And I think you don't wan't to be in those clothes when she she comes in." I said sweetly. For half a second she looked at herself then blushed. She was wearing only my shirt. I wonder when she changed clothes. " Your right. Maybe some sweats." She suggested covering her reddened cheeks with her hands. I chuckled at her embarrassment. I took her hand and lifted her up, bridal style. " I can walk ,you know?" Violet said tightly gripping on to my shoulders. I laughed at that. " I know you can, but I your silky legs." I said threw open the closet door. My side of the closet is a huge walk in. With a perfectly comfy black chair. I put Violet on the chair and went over to my smallest sweat pants. Handing the blue seats to her.  She just stood there holding them looking straight at me. " What." I said grabbing the hand mirror I always had hanging from the door. She giggled as she watched me try to find the imperfection she was staring at. " No silly, could you please turn around while I put them on?" She asked as her cheeks becoming apple red once more. I laughed as I turned around. But she came right beside me and snatched the hand mirror away from me. " I don't wan't you peeking." I huffed, seriously wanted to peek. I heard a bit of movement. Then she came behind me and hugged me. " Thank you." " Your welcome." I said turning around to huge her. " Lets go and get you tucked back into bed. Then once the healer dose what she has to do we'll see if you can eat." I said pinching her cheek. " Are you trying to make my cheek permanently red." Violet said rubbing them. I laughed as she walked out of the closet. Her ass swayed as she walked just enough to make me swoon. I followed behind her just as she tried to jump on to the bed. Tried. Once she got a grip on the king sized bed she could't lift her leg on to the bed. It was funny the first five times but another three times made it really sad. Coming up behind her, I put my hands on her hips and lifted her up. " I'm starting to think your getting weaker." I said helping her sit up comfortably. " I'm not weak. Your bed is just too tall." Violets said lazily. " Violet your what , 6'5. This bed is only two feet off the ground and the mattress is only two feet thick. You should be able to easily jump up here. Unless your losing energy and strength?"  I questioned. " I'm not losing .......... and energy............. or ....... strength ! " Violet said slowly letting her eyes close.  " Sweetheart you can't go to sleep just yet the Healer should be here in .... actually any time now." I said shaking her shoulders.                                                                                                      Violet's pov                                                                                                                                                                     " But I'm sleepy." I said trying to pull him away. His arm didn't even budge. " Hey whats wrong with Violet ? " Drake asked from the bathroom door. I turned my head towards him and felt the air in my lungs disappear. His completely chiseled six -pack were on full display , his towel hanging dangerously low on his toned body, and then his dripping wet hair completed the look. " Sexy Greek Sex God ", was my only thought. " Violet , hello , once you stop eye raping me maybe i'll let the Healer in." Drake chuckled breaking me completely out of my wonderful eye rape session. I blushed furiously as he went in to the closet. Blake shook his head at us as he went to open the door. " Alpha Blake, how is the future Luna?" I heard a famine voice ask. " Not too well. Her energy and strength has gone down a lot . She had a terrible coughing fit last night and she seems too be getting paler." Blake said leading the Healer over to me. " Luna Violet it's a honor to be of service." She said bowing before tugging her suit case over to me. Lifting it on to the bed she popped it open. " Macy! Please bring in my other instruments." She said. A bit of rustling wen't on before a short but muscled young girl came in, tugging in at least five extra large suitcases. " Here you go mom. Do you wan't me too unload them or wait until you need them? " Macy said pushing them over to the front of the bed.  " Um just unload them when I need them." The Healer said pulling out some needles, tongue compresses, test tubes, ear swabs, and a bunch of other stuff I can't name. " Well first off i'm going to need some blood samples , since your pack doctor found signs of a virus, then i'll need to do some physical test. Okay then sha'll we begin?" The Healer explained a finished with slapping her gloves on. Does anyone else have a huge fear of needles? Ever though they don't hurt as much as I think. Seriously it's just that why can't I keep the blood that I produced inside my own body? Is that too much too ask? " Sure we can start now." Drake said coming out of the closet. His hair was finally dry , but still it was sloppy and undone. But I sucked in my fear and said, " Fine. But please make it quick ." I said already extending my arm. She grabbed a empty needle. Okay I must admit that the needle was short, so it couldn't hurt that much. But omfg it hurt so much that I pretty much crushed Blake's hand. And out of the corner of my eyes I swear I saw Blake flinch. Once she pulled it out ( could she have gone any slower) I let go of Blake and took a breath out. Drake stood beside Blake , slowly easing himself on to the bed. " Macy go ahead and put this sample in to the deep freeze. Alphas were going to help your mate downstairs into your training yard. But first you might wan't everyone else in their respected areas." The Healer said handing Macy the tube. " The training yard is clear and the living room." Drake informed us. He got up and pulled the covers back, leaving me venerable to the cold air. I hugged my legs closer  to me. " Are you cold, Violet?" Blake asked quickly pulling me into a hug. His natural 108'F temperature  instantly wrapped around me like a warm blanket. " I was." I muttered in to his chest. " Come on, lets go ahead down stairs." Drake said pulling me from Blake ( causing Blake to pout ) , into his arms, and walking straight towards the doors. Macy quickly grabbed a certain suitcase,put it on her back and wen't downstairs. Blake followed Drake and Me downstairs while the healer was behind Blake, charting down somethings she already observed from seeing me. I know I look like a walking skeleton, yes I know i'm getting paler by the minute, and I definitely know that there is a possibly chance i'm slowly dieing, but hey , at least I have the BEST mates ever. But what if The  Healer finds some sign of me dieing? What if Drake and Blake leave me for some skinny , healthy, super model chick? I shouldn't be thinking about this but it can't be ignored. I've got to find some way to make sure they don't leave me. " Violet, Sweetheart, did you hear us?" I heard a Drake whisper. " Um." I mumbled. He chuckled. " The Healer said that you guys will be going in the woods where Macy has set up some stuff for you to be tested on."  " Okay , sure, but you might want to but me down."  Gently ,Drake put me back onto the ground. " Thanks." " Mother i've set it up." Macy said coming out of the woods. Sweat dripped from her forehead , which she whipped off. " Thanks Macy, Luna you and me will go into the woods by our selves while , Alphas, would you just stay in the area?" She asked. ( But to me it seemed like she demanded it.)  " Sure ." Blake said. " Well let's go ahead and head out." The Healer said. Nodding I feel into step with her. After at least five minutes of walking we came upon a clearing, where a couple of mats were laid out , charts laid out beside them ,and a lot of weights.  " Okay so first we're going to test your upper body strength. Push ups." She went over to her chart and pulled out a stop watch. "How many?' I asked already sitting down on the mat. " As many as you  can do in ..... five minutes. Start on the count of three," I got in to push up position. " 1..2..3! " My time had begun. ( Five minutes later.) " Stop."  She said clicking the button. " You did 399 push ups. Amazing. So next are sit ups."  ( After five minutes) " Stop. Lets see, 351 sit ups. Very impressive. Okay and the last thing is i'm going to attach these weights to your legs and see which is the heaviest you can lift . ( Hundreds and hundreds of pounds later.) " A whopping 2000 pounds! A ton! Your amazing! No one has ever been able to do that with just one leg! Now lets get back so I can explain these physical results." The Healer said taking the results and putting them into a file then a suitcase, which she she put a eye scan, pad lock, and a hand print scan. Super secure, my results are. I got up and slowly fell in to step with her. I really didn't fell like walking right now. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Drake and Blake come out from the trees looking ,well, upset. Both were looking straight at me. What if they snuck up on us and heard what The Healer said? What if they don't want a freak with super strength? What if they go ahead and cheat on me? A single tear escaped and Blake stroked my cheek asking , " Violet ,Sweetheart whats wrong? " " I pushed his hand away. He looked SO hurt. Drake tried next , " Love whats going on in that head of yours?" He tried to put his arm around me but I pushed him away. I knew it, they did hear The Healer.I know that werewolf's and Witches don't mix. I don't know why I even tried. But I should have expected this. Once we arrived at the house I went ahead and went straight to their room. Opening and slamming the door I flopped on to the bed. I have to make a escape plan. Great, now I escape from The Red Queen and Drake and Blake. Well it looks like no one wants me. Wait a minute, where the the hell is Freya? She must have sided with The Red Queen. Suddenly I felt a flow of warm tears run down my face. Curling under the covers and flopping my face into the pillow I cried and sobbed. I let it out, everything, the betrayals ,the wedding, my old mother, and most importantly this virus and Blake and Drakes frowns. The door slowly opened but I didn't even stop. I couldn't. " Love are you okay? Whats with the tears?" Drake asked sitting down on the bed and rubbing my back. I didn't move or try too answer. " Sweetheart is it something we did?" Blake asked from my left. Silence on my part. " We can't do anything about it if you don't tell us." Drake coed. Still sobbing I swatted his hand away. Gripping his wrist he pouted. " Violet, that's no way to act." Blake said grabbing my hands. ' ...ALONE!" I yelled threw sobs. " Violet seriously whats wrong?" Drake asked. ( More like DEMANDED!) " I said leave me ..... THE FUCK ALONE." I screamed back at them . Then I did slapped him. BIG mistake. He slapped me back. HELL to the NO! " Violet , Drake,ENOUGH!" Too late.My fist was already colliding with his jaw. With a grunt he got up and went out , slamming the door behind him. " What the hell was that!?." Blake screamed at me. " Leave before you get some too." I screamed back. He took a deep breath , " Fine, fine , fine, you need your space and I need to calm Drake down. Please don't leave this room." Blake begged before walking out. Perfect.                                                                                                             &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&  So I know you guys hate me fore letting Drake hit Violet. But trust me i'm just as upset. Any who , why do you guys think Violet said " Perfect" like some Evil Villain?  I would have wrote more but I was looking for a good spot to end and I thought this was perfect. Anyway I just want to thank Mandy_Is_Me. She seriously saved my book a day or two ago. I was going to put the book on hold until I found out someone was reading. Because I thought no one was. But she messaged me right as I was about to click the button. So ya follow her vote and read her stories. I going to after I finish this book I'm reading.  Anyway VOTE AND COMMENT FANS AND FOLLOWERS.                                                                                                        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                  EverAfterHighLover                                                                                                   

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