Chapter 9 ( Violet's pov)

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     Sorry everyone but who's pov is your favorite? Pic on the side is Vince Phoenix. Okay back to the story !                                                     
       Pulling the covers off the bed I ran into their bathroom. Going threw some drawers I finally found some duck tape and scissors. Taking the scissors I cut the sweats so that way they were only to my knees. And then I cut the sleeves and the bottom of it so that way it was like sports bra. Grabbing the duck tape I tucked it in to my pocket. Quickly running out of the bathroom I went over to the window. Closing my eyes and opening the windows the light still blinded me. Blinking a bit until my eyes adjusted , I opened the window. Good thing they don't have one of those screens. Looking down I realized just how high I was up. A good three stories. Okay there are two ways this could end, 1. I land like a cat, on my feet or 2. I splat on the ground like goo. I seriously hope it 1. " Hey Violet i'm s... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING VIOLET?" Drake said from behind me. I seriously hope this ends like option one. I jumped. I'm not going to lie, I screamed the whole way down. But luckily option one is what happened. Turning around and looking up I said , " Leaving behind the bad and embracing what was supposed to happen." Sprinting like no tomorrow I ran all the way to the boarder. This is it, i'm leaving them behind until somethings are settled. What if these things could be solved later? Then I could live a happy life with them but that's not going to happen unless certain people are dead. I took the next step. One slowly after the other. I crossed the boarder, sealing my fate. Starting to run again picking up speed I ran into ( thank goddesses) Freya and the people whole are part of the rebellion. " Freya thank goddesses I found you-" I started but Freya stopped me. " Who in the world are you and how do you know my name?"  Her hands were glowing and ready to throw a serious punch. " Freya its me Violet. You now me. We've been friends since first grade. How can you not remember me?" I asked quickly trying to figure out why she wouldn't remember me. " You can't be Violet. Here eyes are like fire yours are grey. A huge difference. Plus if you were Violet you would know what goes in these blanks . The day that I BLANK made my parents BLANK and in result she BLANK." " The day that you dyed your hair red made your parents hand you of to Queen Red and in result she made you my second in command. See Freya i'm Violet and whats with this talk about my eyes being grey?" Freya's hands stopped glowing and she handed me a mirror. My eyes were grey, my beautiful black and streaked hair was replaced with brown silky hair, my eyebrows were different as well. Actually everything physical about me was changed. I no longer was 6'5 I was 7'7, my curves were more defined , more sexy. Screaming I dropped the mirror. This can't be happening. What spell did someone put on me? Is this person I look like a dangerous criminal? Do they look like me? " Violet stop screaming. I'm assuming you ran away. Their looking for you then. We've got to pack and get somewhere safe. Do your powers still work?" Freya asked looking towards everyone else. " I don't know i've not used them for months." " Well while everyone is packing we must find out. Now lets see ,here bend this tree. It should simple for you." She said pointing to a oak tree. Really Freya, an Oak Tree.  Okay um focusing I seriously thought about the tree bending at my will but nothing happened. " Freya I think my powers are gone. Being in those chains for moths must have weakened them so much that they gave out , like a organ. It that or its this virus their pack doctor thinks I have. Maybe its affecting my attachment to my powers." I said still looking at the oak. I felt her gaze on me. " Well if you do have some virus I know only one person who can figure it out, Ann. She deals with every virus ,creature ever recorded in history. Shes part of the resistance but is undercover as a librarian. She doesn't wan't to catch the wrath of Queen Red. You and me will go see her, while everyone one else stays here. Come on we'l get there quicker if I just teleport us." She said linking our arms. I didn't get to answer before she teleported us to Ann's library. The library was huge but dark, with only candles and windows giving off light. Tables ,desk,computers were everywhere. On the far side of the library sat a huge desk. It looked more like where the judge would sit during a trial.  Behind it stood a huge brown door. But what surprised me eve more was who came out of the door. A tall girl with huge blue eyes, silver hair, and pointed ears was the big surprise. She's a Nymph. " Hey Freya, who's the new girl?" Ann asked. In Ann's hands were a stack of books. " This is Violet. But she says she seems to have a virus. I wanted to know if you could look at her ?" " Well than come in to the back." Ann said waving her hand towards the door she disappeared into.Freya and I followed her into the back where she started looking threw books. " I'm looking for some type of virus that changes your appearance. Have your powers given out yet?" " Yes." " Okay then. Well in all of my virus books there isn't a one like what you have.So the only other option is......your not the species you think you are." Ann said looking me . " That can't just be the last option." I said too quickly. " Well it seems it this or your a whole new virus. Which would mean I would have o have you quarantined." Ann said picking up another stack of books. " So it's a new species or be quarantined? Species sounds best." I said coming around stand next to her. " Okay then lets see new appearance and loss of original powers um the only one that's lie that is the extinct species of The Shifter's. But you match the species." Ann said scratching her head. " Well except for the EXTINCT PART! Who or what killed them off?" I asked shaking her arms. " Read the page and figure it out!" Ann yelled peeling my hands of.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chapter 1  . Shifter's Extinction                                                                        The Shifter's were a very strong race. Too strong for Queen Red. She wanted to be the strongest so, on January 1,4000 , she sent millions of vampires to go kill every last one of them. She killed every last one, by January 1, 4000. Or so is said. Legend says that their was a couple who  sacrificed their life's for their new born daughter. But the daughter was never found. But her parents were found in ashes, ( in bottles) which had their names written on the top. It has been said that their ghost hid the jars in a sacred pond that only shifter's can access. Their daughter is the only one who can find the jars.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Chapter 2 . Shifter's Abilities                                                                                1  .   Changing Appearance                                                                                                                                2  .   Taking on new powers                                                                                                                               3  .    Influencing Emotions                                                                                                                                4   .    Enhanced Strength                                                                                                                                      5  .    Enhanced Sight / Hearing                                                                                                                             6  .    Brain Absorbs More Knowledge                                                                                                                7  .    Influence Thoughts Of Others                                                                                                                  8 .    Erase Minds of Others                                                                                                                               9  .    Create Hallucinations                                                                                                                                    10.   Create Glitches                                                                                                                                          11.  Control Air currents And Movement                                                                                                                       " That's my birthday. January 1, 4000." I announced with venom oozing my my words.        Situations started forming in my head. Like memories coming back. Grabbing the book  I made my way to the door. " Violet where are you going?" Freya asked trying to catch up with me but I was too fast. " To the pond the book talks about. I've seen it before. Go to the camp while I go. You wouldn't be able to go there anyway." Picking up speed once more I was in the woods, cloche by the dense bushes. Soon I realized I was at the pond. I have to start searching now. What if I was the girl from that legend. What if those ashes were my parents. All the signs point to this fact. I'm a shifter, my appearance changed, my mates being werewolf's, and Queen Red trying to make me marry to a vampire. She never really cared, she just wanted me to become some blood whore for a vampire. Well good thing I escaped. Putting the book on the rock , I started my search. First the rock , nothing, then the bush , ' Hey whats this ? ' Searching under the bush I found a small black book. Hmm, now what would this black book be doing here? I gently turn the first cover page. In delicately writing these words were written.                                                                                                                                                                                             May 25, 3999                                                                                               " Vince and me finally did it. Sex ,and what a night it was. Vince was actually really gentle. When we told everyone they were silent at first but then they seriously turned into a flash mob. It was so wonderful to just party. But I couldn't drink or shaking around to much so I mostly hung out with the little ones, braiding their hair and such. I wonder what Vince and his buddies plan to do to celebrate. I hope their not drinking. Well its best I go to bed now. Maybe Vince will be here after i've fallen asleep. "                                                                                                                                                                                                                    May 30 , 3999                                                                                                 " Vince has pretty much been on full alert. He hates me doing anything, so hes been on my arm all week. I have to say its so sweet how hes all ways rubbing my belly and carrying me everywhere. I think it's going to be a girl, Vince seriously wants it to be a boy. Hes says he'll be a good warrior, I think a girl can be a great warrior. Seriously think about Xena. ( A/N Xena is a very popular show in England. The show follows a warrior princess who who used to be like the people she defeats. A terrible and evil dictator. The show is like during the time when kings, queens, and Greek gods lived. Her name is pronounced, Zena) We kind of argued or it being a girl or boy but , of course, I won. Mothers instincts are always right.                                                                                                                                                                     November 30, 3999                                                                                          I think I hate bed rest just around the same as I do to Queen Red. She is so evil, and there is words going around that she'll try to kill of all shifters. Probably by the new year. And because of this news Vince hasn't left my side for anything. When ever I need something he has our son, Victor, go get it. He's only 5 right now but a great fighter. He's skilled with hand to hand combat and swords. I think he's way to young to even be handling them but Vince thinks a early start is always good. Sometimes I don't understand him but he is my mate. No way am I ever going to leave him. We'll the doctors say the baby could be coming any day now so we should be prepared. I've been thinking of names for our baby and if it's a girl than I want the name Violet or Vanessa. If it's a boy then we're thinking Vince Jr. or Valtor. Anyway I think I hear Vince and Victor coming back from the store. I hope to writ again soon.                                                                                                                                                                                 January 1 , 4000                                                                                                     We've been ambushed. The've taken Victor and I heard him scream. I hope he's not dead. Vince and I are hiding at our pond, the most sacred place. Vince keeps trying to tell me not to worry but how can I not. Violet is in my arms and Victor is probably being tortured, I don't think I could ever be calm in a situation like this. I think i'm going to hide you in the bushes. Vince says we should just fake our death and leave our children in the Moon Goddesses hands. I of course think he's crazy but the Moon Goddess is supposed to be our savor, but she's letting a whole rase go ahead and be killed.I really don't know who to trust.                                                                                                                           It just ended there nothing was left on the pages. So this women was my mother and my father was a man named Vince. I had a brother, probably a dead one, but at one point he was happy and alive my a true family. He was too young to fight but he could. Maybe he survived. My parents faked their death. They were alive in those bottles of ash. Maybe they just shifted. Yes and if I open the bottles I could let them maybe they could unshift. I've now seriously got to find them. Putting my mothers diary down I started moving the rock,bush , and dirt. Nothing but earth was what I found. Great , where else could they have hide them self? Suddenly I heard a slash, turning my head towards the pond I probably looked like The Cheshire Cat. A grin so creepy that I was actually happy about it. Under the lake. Unless you open the bottle the ashes will stay in so they could have just them selves at the bottom. Crawling over to the edge I put my hand in, expecting to find the floor when all I found was water. I reached farther and same result. I dunked my hand in a was way too surprised to find a huge hole in the side of the tunnel that looked like it went on forever. Well it looks like i'm going to get wetter than I expected. I stripped my boots and sweat shirt off. They would weigh me down. Good thing I was still wearing my bra. Taking a large breath I finally dove down . Quickly I went down towards the hole, only to find that it was a cave. Diving deeper into the cave I relished that it was an air pocket. Pushing my self in to it I took in a much needed  gulp of air. When the room stopped swirling I looked around it was spaciest. A shelf was dug into the back wall. On my left was a stack of blankets and clothes. A note was on top.                                                                         Violet . I know you'll find us. It's your father writing. You have a brother, i'm not sure if he's alive. But what I wanted to tell is I love you , your mother, and brother. I've hidden us behind the shelf . When you open the jars put them under the shelf. Chant these words : Father , mother, love , heart, family , change back so we can be one again. I love you.                                                                                     Love your Father , Vince Phoenix.                                                                                                                   A tear slowly ran down my face. He loves me. I have a real brother. Zane was cool and all but we never seemed to be as close as I wanted. Putting the paper back down I walked over to the shelf. Dad didn't tell me how to get behind the shelf. Maybe its motion activated. I started to examine it. It just looked like a plain shelf. The back part of it looked like mud. Slowly I touched it. My finger completely went threw it with ease.I added more fingers until my whole hand was in it. My fingers touched something cool and smooth. I grabbed it and pulled it out. A glass jar filled with black ash. Putting my hand back in I found another one. On the top I found the two names the book talked about. Vanessa Phoenix , Vince Phoenix.I finally found them! Putting them under the shelf, against the wall, I took of the tops. " Father, Mother, Love, Heart, Family, Change Back So We Can Be One Again. I Love You." I chanted, after taking a few steps back. Suddenly the to jars started shaking. The ash from both started expanding. The jars broke as the ash kept expanding. The ash started to take the shape of two people. One male and one female. Soon it stopped expanding and started to gain color and hair.  I a second two people were laying in front of me. I quickly ran to get the blankets and clothes. Covering my mother and father, I tucked it in. They both seemed dead. Pale skin , no breathing, and no heart rate. They had to wake up. I know it's been 18 years but they knew it would take a while for me too figure this out. " Mom , Dad. I know you can't hear me but you can't be dead. I never got to get hugs and kisses and ...... a real family. And If you are dead I just want your spirits to know-" I didn't get to finish because suddenly they started coughing,blinking, and gasping for air. I started tilting their heads up. Slowly their coughs stopped, and their breaths evened. The first to fully open their eyes was my dad. " Dad you okay?" I asked. I put my hand under his chin. His eyes slowly drifted up to me. " Violet? " His raspy voice asked. " Shh, its okay you don't have to talk. It's me Violet. Do you need some water?" I asked helping him lean up against the wall. He nodded his head. I walked over to the water. Cupping my hands I put them in the water. Pulling them out I walked over to him. Holding my hands near him mouth I let him quickly drink it up. " I see your thirsty." I said trying to lighten the dense air. " Thank you Violet. Hey where is Vanessa? " Dad said tilting his head. His grey eyes searched the room.  They landed on mom. He quickly tried to crawl over to her but failed to even move his arms. " She's breathing but she hasn't woken up. I've got your clothes if you'd like me to help you get dressed?" I asked gesturing to the pile. " Sure you can help me. If your not uncomfortable with that." He said. Blush rose up on his face which I just laughed at. " Dad, you don't have to be embarrassed. I used to help out at the hospital. I seen enough things to creep anyone out. Now lets hurry up and get you dressed. If mom doesn't wake up by the time were done then we'll just wait. I might have to go up and find some fruits for us too eat." I said grabbing his clothes. " Sure." He said. Once I had gotten him dressed I let him get another drink. By the mom was starting to stir. With a yawn she screeched arms. " Vince who's this?" Mom asked. " This is... well maybe she should explain." Dad said moving over to mom. " It's me mom, Violet. I kind of was able to get you both out of those jars." I said scratching my neck. Yep I do get nervous. " Violet. My beautiful Violet. You've grown so much!" She said pulling me down in to a bear hug. Personaly I don't care that she's naked. I've found my parents and they except me. This is the best day of my life. Next to the day I meet Drake and Blake. Wait a minute, I forgot about them! Their probaly worried sick! " You guys we've got to hurry and get back to the surface. I've got some friends who will let you stay with us, no questions asked." Straching the truth is not too bad. " Violet you know we're the last shifters right? Do they know about the shifter part or anything else?" Dad asked.   I pulled my self from my moms graps. "They don't know actually , I more like escaped from them under them thinking I was sick. I still thnk I have some virus but we can worry about that later. Right now I think we should go back before they start sending search parties for me." I said going over to get mom her clothes. " I know these are your friends but who esacly are these people?" My mom asked after we got her clothes on." Well um their my mates. Alpha Drake and Alpha Blake. Their twins."                                                                                                                                                                            &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&          Hey everyone. It's awesome how many of you guys are following and talking to me. But there is one person I do want to talk about. She's my best friend and a girl who helped me write my first book. Her acount name is uniquleyloved23. Her book name is From Love To Dusk. I hope you guys love badboy meets goodgirl stories because that what her first book is about. She just started it and I hope you guys will follow her, like now.  I love you guys.                                                                                                                                     Love, EverAfterHighLover

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