Sorry But This Is A AUTHORS NOTE!

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        Omg i'm so freaken happy ! I have hit the 37 mark ! God ,I thought I only had seven or more, but just a minute  ago  I sat down to read when I dicide to see how many followers I really have. You probaly think I'm lieing but when I saw that  I had 37 I literly screamed , did my awesome TOUCH DOWN dance , and started dancing around to Fancy by Iggy. I'm working around to following everyone but It may take abit more time.  And on Saturday I will try to post a new chapter. That's probaly my only free day.I hate my freaken scheduale, middle school ,and most importantly SCHOOL! Before I thought I was a brainy person now I fill like my ego has final poped. So ya. But what I really want to say is, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FOLLOWS AND LIKE'S AND EVERYTHING. YOU GUYS ARE MY SIDE LIFE AND YOU PEOPLE MAKE IT WORTH NOT DOING ALL OF MY HOMEWORK :) ;) I'M SO FANCY AND YOU ARE TOO. AM I FAN GIRLING! I think I am. Well I should just go ahead and shut up before I say something stupid. And everyone the song above listen to it. Yes you I 'm telling you you'll love it. It's called EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY. BILL NYE VS. SIR ISSIC NEWTON. I love it and I know you will to. There are many more like this one so go check them out on ERB, Youtube.

                                             Love , EverAfterHighLover

        P.S Windows 8.1 is awesome

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