Authors Note: Apologies and Announcement's( very important info)

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I'm very sorry for not updating on time. I said i would do it every monday but now i'm realising that it my start becoming very random. So exspect the unexpected. Also I end up getting writers block some times so if a couple days go by and I dont update im most likely trying to make the chapters longer.Are my chapters long enough? BTW and I would like to give a shout out to lucci143!!!!!! She is my first follower and it just made my day. I hope alot more start following me. Also i would like for people to start following me, liking this book, and sharing it. I also would be thankful if people gave me some suggestions for what should happen next, threw out the whole book. P.S. i like to read books too so that may cause some late updates. I love you , my  readers and fans.                                                                LOVE, EverAfterHighLover!

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