Chapter 17 Violets pov

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        Drake and Blake were both smothering me. Their arms raped around me and I , being so thin compared to them , was squished in between. 

        " Blake , Drake, wake up." I groaned. I tried moving but still they snored. I shook a little more. They both groaned. 

        " It's too early." Blake growled.

        " Yeah , go back to sleep." Drake agreed.

        " No. They sun is out. Almost noon. And your smothering me." I added once they hadn't moved. The minute I said that they jumped off of me. Pure worry was written on their faces, 

        " Sorry Violet." They both apologized. I nodded and grinned. Sitting up and stretching I sighed. 

        " It's alright. You wouldn't have known anyway. Known come on lets get dressed and eat. I actually have something we need to talk about." They look at me skeptically before they nodded and went to their closets. I followed behind them and grabbed some black sweat pants, black tee, and some grey socks. I tied my hair into a perfect bun and walked downstairs. Drake and Blake were hot on my trail.

        Once we were in the kitchen I quickly started making pancakes. After 20 minutes we had 20  pancakes each. I sat down and quietly dug in. By habit , my manners were perfect. While Blake and Drake both dug in like pigs. 

        I started eating again. I picked my pace once I realized that they were almost done. But before I could even have 5 left they both burped loudly and slumped back into their seats. I was upset with them at first for eating like I starved them , but for them to just burp and not excuse themselves. Putting my fork and knife down I stood up. 

        I silently walked behind them and smacked the back of their heads.

        " Say excuse me." I commanded.

        " Excuse us." They said. 

        " That's more like it." I said sitting back down. I started eating again when , threw a mouth full of pancake , Drake started talking.

        "Violet , what is it that you wanted to talk about? And how do you make these so good?!" He moaned out. Blake nodded in agreement. Until I shot them both a glare. I cant even get threw a few pancakes without one of them talking.Once I had finished chewing and swallowing I spoke.

        " Freya and I are thinking about ambushing Red." Once I had said that they were chocking on their food and patting each other on the back. After a while of watching them struggle I got up and got them some water. They gulped that down and a hurry and sighed. 

        " Violet it's not like we think your weak but .." Drake started.

        " YOU CAN'T GO AGAINST RED! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED!?" Blake shouted at the top of his lunges. His face was glowing crimson. 

        " I sorry to say Violet but , he's kind of right. Going against Red could mean that you could... goddess I can't even say it." Drake was pulling on his hair and taking deep breaths. His eyes were becoming red and puffy.

        " Shh , Drake , please ,don't cry. Look at me." I took his face in my hands. " I wont die."

        " How .. would .. you know?" He asked between sobs.        

        " Because she'll be drunker than ever. She'll be almost defenceless. And if the pack and the Rebel Camp join together our numbers will surly out number hers." I was now hugging him and rubbing his back. Blake finally piped up.

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