Chapter 14 ( Violet's pov)

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        Light shone brightly threw the windows. I tried to sit up a little but was held back by Drake. That's one thing I hate , his iron grip. I turned my head to the left , Drake still slept peacefully. To my right Blake snored loudly. Do all men snore? At least loudly? I tugged on Drakes grip. It didn't bulge.

        " You know all you had to do was ask , right?" Drake deep ,throaty,morning voice rug closely by my ear. It sent shivers down my spine.

        " I ddin't want to wake you. But i'll ask next time." I stuttered out. He just yawned and kissed my cheek.

        " Well come on I believe Blake has slept long enough. Lets wake him up my way." A devilish grin spread on his face.

        "What does that mean , exactly?" I questioned.

        " If you can go fill up the bath tub I'll show you." He said , his eyes twinkling. We staired at each other for a moment before jumping out of bed. I ran into the bath room and filled up the small bath. I heard Drake grunt before I heard the quick shuffling of feet. I quickly opened the door some more before Drake walked threw with Blake slung over his shoulder. I giggled as Drake slowly slid Blake off his shoulder and into the tub. Instantly Blake sprung up , his hair clinging to his face and his cheeks flaming red.

        " DRAKE! VIOLET! What the hell! Why do you always have to wake me up like this? One day I'll end up with a concussion." He rose out of the tub , is teeth chatter at times before I handed a towel over to him. " Thank you , Violet. Now Drake , I know you were the one who put me in the tub , Violet surely couldn't -"

        " Hey I could have-"

        " No you couldn't Violet." They both said before laughing.

        " Blake go change clothes. Wait a minute , use that water and bath , when was the last time you did?" I said after taking a whiff of the air.

        " I don't stink."

        "Yes you do. And remember my warning no physical touching if you don't listen." I warned shaking my head. He pouted before getting out of the tub and walking over to his closet.

        " And that goes for the both of you." I made sure to add. Of course they both growled . I walked over to Drakes closet and grabbed the clothes that their mother left for me. I dark red tee shirt , black Bermudas , and some orange Nike's. This women seems to know me better than I know my self.

        I went over to the bath room. Going in I checked to make sure Blake wasn't here yet. Cost was clear. I went to the right. But was met with the most beautiful bathroom ever. ( Refer to picture on side) Putting my clothes next to the tub I found a compartment full of towels. The towels were scented too. A manly woods smell. Drake and Blakes scent. Goddess if I could I would bathe in just their towels. I stepped closer to the buttons on the side and found the ON button. Does everyone have to be so high tech? As soon I pushed the ON button the tub started to fill up by it's self. Bubbles came with too. I pulled my clothes off and eased my self into tub. I sighed. The jets massaged me as I dipped my self under a couple times.

        I grabbed some shampoo and started washing my hair. Washing that out too I started scrubbing the dirt and grime off of me. I really should have took a bath last night. That would have been a lot better. After awhile of scrubbing I stopped and just relaxed. Maybe twenty minutes later a knock sounded from he door.

        " Violet Drake and I have to be somewhere in 5 minutes. Will you be okay without us being here ?" Blake asked ,worry was clear in his voice.

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