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I walked quietly with the lilac-haired boy by my side, an odd but comfortable silence between us. My mind was running wild, making it hard to concentrate as I tried to walk.

It was hard enough trying to walk while actually paying attention, but walking while something was on your mind was hard.

I was basically tripping over myself, the toe of my shoes hitting my heels while my calves brushed against each other. I had nearly hit the ground multiple times, Namjoon having to save me on more than one occasion. I could tell he knew something was up with me, but I insisted that I was fine.

I was completely taken back by the events that had occurred earlier, the main reason for my disorientation. It didn't take long before I was noticed when I walked into the room, everyone's eyes wide and mouths slack. They looked as if they had all frozen in their spots, eyes glued to me.

If I hadn't been listening in already and didn't know they were talking about me, they surely would have made it obvious with the way they were looking. I pretended as if I didn't know anything, making a confused face as they all watched me.

When the guys finally snapped back into it, Namjoon was quick to guide me towards the front door, probably not trusting his friends enough to keep any information they knew to themselves. I didn't fight it, knowing that it was probably way past my curfew.

"Sorry about my friends," Namjoon laughed nervously, walking next to me rigidly. I hummed, lifting my shoulders before letting them fall again. "They can be a bit weird."

"They were fine to me, ya know, besides right before we left," I said, the words spilling out of myself before I could stop them. Namjoon seemed to get even stiffer than before, his shoulders basically hiding the length of his neck as he walked like a wooden board.

I was glad that I had put on the cardigan before I came out, the light breeze outside giving me shivers as I walked. My house started to come into view, the lights from the living room shining through the window.

Crap, my dad was up, and more than likely, he was not very happy with me. I groaned to myself unintentionally, making Namjoon turn towards me in confusion. I glanced over and caught his eye, realizing that I had made a public display of my thoughts.

I just waved him off, my mind switching from him to how I was going to deal with my dad. He may have been a sweet and understanding man, but twice? He wasn't going to be so sweet and understanding once he saw me.

My room is on the second floor, and I had absolutely no upper arm strength, so the tree outside my bedroom was a terrible idea. Not going with the fact that he was probably waiting on the couch like he usually was, so me just suddenly popping up in my bedroom was pretty unexplainable.

When we approached my door, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, avoiding his eyes. I could feel him eyeing me, but I just kept my eyes beside his face, looking out at the houses across from mine.

"Thank you for taking me home, although I saw that you had a car, so I'm not sure why we didn't take that instead," I giggled. His teeth shown brightly as he smiled at me, nodding his head.

"It was an excuse to spend more time with you before you went home," He admitted, shyly looking away. I looked towards him (finally) at his statement, grinning at him. He was so adorable, I didn't know how his friends could be around him without dying.

The dimples in his face accentuated as he pressed his lips tightly together, shoving his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. It was that movement that reminded me to get into the house.

I let out a cough, awkwardly covering my mouth with a tightly formed fist. "Well, I should probably get inside..."

Namjoon seemed startled into action, blinking rapidly as he shuffled in his spot a bit. "Yeah, yeah. Of course, I'll see you later I hope?"

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