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As I had expected, when I finally peeled my eyes open a few hours later, it was well past 12 pm. I felt the stiffness of my body overwhelm me as I refused to move from the spot on my bed, covering wrapped around my body.

My eyes opened and shut periodically as I questioned myself on whether I would even bother leaving my room today. It was bright in my room, too bright for my taste at the moment, for I would much rather it be dark and around midnight so I could go back to sleep without any regrets later.

With my luck though, it could only possibly be the exact opposite of that. I was staring at the back of my eyelids for all of 15 seconds before I slid them open, peering through the cracks between my lashes. The window on the other side of the room illuminated my burritoed body, the sun watching me through the panes of glass.

I glared at the source of light, deciding that another few minutes in bed wouldn't hurt anybody. I shut my eyes again, trying to enjoy the moment of darkness I had before I stirred in my spot. Shimmying around in the bed, I flipped over onto my other side, pulling the cover up a bit more over my shoulders.

I had just settled into my spot when I felt a stirring in my lower region, making me groan as I tried to ignore the feeling. I shoved my face into my pillow, trying my best to just fall back asleep so I wouldn't have to go anywhere. I knew there was no sleeping it away when it only got stronger, my body stiffening at the thought of having to move.

"Damn it," I muttered, forcing myself to climb out of the bed. My feet touched the floor, shoulders rolling back as I stretched my body to find some relief. A content sigh left my lips as I padded across my room - which was still way too bright, I should find some curtains or something - and into the hallway. "I knew I shouldn't have drunken that water last night."

My half-lidded eyes did nothing for me as I tried to navigate my way around the house, body feeling as if it weighed a thousand pounds while I tried to use my memory to find the bathroom. I was still blind as I started to feel familiar items around me, fingers grazing small objects and edges.

I heard a click as my index finger swiped across something attached to the wall, light blinding me behind my eyelids. I forced my eyes open, welcomed with the familiar sight of the bright red curtains that covered the wall of my shower.

"Ugh let's get this over with," I groaned, feeling the urge to pee become overwhelming as I shut the door behind me.

I stayed in the bright bathroom for all of five minutes before I was yanking the door open, letting out a yawn as I tried the force the sleep from my body. It was to no prevail though, my body slumping the moment my mouth shut.

I knew I couldn't keep acting like this when my father came back into the house since he'd already told me no to sleep in past 12, which was already a broken promise. He'd never liked to see me act like this, feeling as if it was lazy and uncultured.

I for one thought that was bullshit.

I never felt like fighting with him though, so I always just tried my best to stay on his good side and made sure to be up and alert when I was around him.

My bed looked even better than it did before when I walked into my room, forcing myself not to collapse onto it and instead chose to sit on the edge, grabbing for my phone on my dresser.

I hummed as I was greeted with my dry phone, save for one notification at the top.

Namjoon :)

My heart fluttered.

The thought of the fact that Namjoon always texted me first crossed my mind, making me realize that it looked an awful lot like I wasn't putting in any effort. I made a mental note to change that as I opened the message.

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