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I let the light breeze sweep across my face as I took a step outside, the cardigan I was wearing falling off my shoulder slightly. As I pulled it back up I walked away from the doors of the cafe I had just left, relishing in the fresh afternoon air. I held the book I was reading tightly under my arm, making sure it stayed put as I started my decent home.

I had barely made it three feet from the cafe before I became sidetracked by two birds flying past me, my eyes following the cranes as they chased each other through the sky. A little smile fell across my face as I watched them play, always being a fan of nature.

They flew higher in the air until they were just barely in sight, my eyes finally looking away from them and back to the pavement in front of me. I started walking again, my eyes downcasted as I listened to the passing cars and tweet of birds in the colorful trees around me.

Everything was so quiet in my senses, I couldn't help but enjoy it. This was always my favorite thing about the town. There was never really anything to do here, but it was so quiet and peaceful, it was like a lullaby.

The quiet atmosphere was interrupted when I heard a sharp voice in my ear, stopping me in my tracks. I looked over to my right, noticing a man sitting alone on a bench, white headphones placed in both his ears. He was bobbing his head along to whatever was playing, his mouth moving at a fast pace.

It was obvious that he was rapping, so it was expected of me to just be on my way once again, but for some reason, I couldn't find it in me to move. There was something alluring about him, about the vibes coming off of him.

He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans, cherry colored vans finishing off the look. His hair drew me in, the lilac locks fitting his face perfectly. His voice was deep as he spoke quickly, keeping tempo with the music in his ears.

I slowly approached him, making sure to keep my movements unnoticed so I wouldn't startle him. As much as I would have loved to, I didn't understand what he was saying as I got closer. I could tell that he was speaking Korean, I had heard the language enough to know what it sounded like, but had yet to actually learn it.

I was originally from America, New York City to be exact. I had come to Korea to visit my dad for the summer since he has split with my mom a couple of years ago. He had called my mom, claiming that he missed seeing my face, and I wasn't going to lie, I had missed him too. So when he offered for me to come over here, I wasn't going to say no.

I was terrible when it came to speaking the language, but I had learned certain phrases and was decent at understanding it, but the purple headed man was speaking too fast for me to make out a single word.

I was astonished by how easy it seemed for him to rap, the smile that had fallen on my face was inevitable. He was so into it like he was pouring his heart and soul into everything he was saying. A little bit of his hair fell into his face, only for him to lift his hand and brush his hair back.

His very large hand.

Everything about him had seemed to draw me in, and by the time he had finished rapping, his breathing slightly labored but still intact, I couldn't just leave without saying something.

"Encore" I muttered quietly, catching the boys attention. His head shot up, obviously not expecting me to be there. Ripping both headphones out of his ears, he cleared his throat awkwardly. He didn't say anything, only blushed profusely.

"You're really good," I spoke again, sitting next to him on the bench. Despite my expectations, instead of standing up and walking away from me like I thought he would, he turned his head to look at me, body turning closer to me.

"Thank you very much," He smiled, making me nod my head. I couldn't help but think that he had such a pretty smile, I'd never seen a smile like his, as weird as it had sounded.

It seemed like every time I got closer to him in some way, something else was shocking to me. He was presenting himself as the perfect guy, something I thought didn't exist. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, pointing at the headphones now sitting in his lap. "What were you listening to?"

He picked up one of the white buds from his lap, holding it out for me. I took it from him, placing it in my ear. He slid his phone out of his pocket, pressing play on the song. Instantly, there was the sound of a voice, speaking quickly into my ears. The song was very upbeat, hardcore if you would say.

I couldn't believe that this was what he was listening to, the way he rapped it made it sound so fluid, almost like a ballad. The voices suddenly changed as another man started rapping, this time the voice sounds familiar. I looked up to the lilac headed man, my eyes wide.

"This is you?" I inquired, shock written all over my face. He nodded, the blush coming back onto his features. I grinned at him, taking out the headphone. "That's so cool."

His face morphed for a moment, peering up at me in confusion. I caught the look immediately, wondering if I had said something wrong. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he muttered, shaking his head. He looked back up at me, his brown eyes piercing mine. "You don't know who I am?"

I shook my head, moving the hair that fell into my face out of the way. I held out the headphone for him to take, he looked down at it briefly before lightly taking it from my hands. "I'm sorry I don't. Should I?"

"Not necessarily," he smiled. This time it was my face that turned into confusion. What did he mean by that? Was he some supermodel or something? I wouldn't be surprised if he was, I mean he was drop dead gorgeous in my opinion. Suddenly, he was holding his hand out for me to grab. "I'm Kim Namjoon."

I shook his hand, my eyes lightening up as he smiled at me again. He gave me an expecting look, probably waiting for me to introduce myself. I shook my head quickly to clear my thoughts, laughing at my idiocy.

"I'm sorry, you're just really handsome is all," I muttered, instantly regretting my words. I wasn't going to take them back though. He chuckled, his head falling forward as his hand covered his smile.

He thanked me, which didn't help the embarrassment I was feeling from my lack of filter. "You're quite pretty yourself."

It was my turn to blush this time, instantly wanting to change the conversation. "Do you come out here often?"

"Yeah, I like to have an area where I can clear my head. This seemed like an appropriate spot," he said, looking out at the light trees and passing cars. I agreed, knowing exactly how he felt.

"Would you maybe be out here tomorrow?" I asked, playing with the edge of my book. He looked towards me again, his eyes thoughtful. I didn't know if my hopefulness showed on my face, but if it influenced his answer then I hoped it did.

"For the kind girl who likes to give out compliments?" He started, giving me a little smile. Out of nervousness, I tucked my hair behind my ear again, a habit I had picked up since I was young. "Definitely."

"Wonderful," I smiled, noticing his phone screen lit up in his lap. We both looked down towards it, my eyes catching the time. I gasped, sitting up straight in my spot. Namjoon looked up at me in concern as I started to grab my stuff.

My dad was going to kill me, I was supposed to be home ten minutes ago! "What's wrong?" Namjoon asked, watching my frantic state.

"I have to get home, I'm so sorry," I said, eyes remorseful. He seemed to relax a bit, head nodding in understanding. I tucked the book back under my arm before turning on my heels.

"Wait!" I heard him call out from behind me. I turned back, watching as he eyed me down from the bench he was sitting on. "I didn't get your name."

I searched my mind, realizing I really didn't give him my name. My eyes shut at my stupidity.

How could you forget to give him your name?

I opened my eyes, giving him the kindest smile I could muster.



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