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"Are you guys going to come out?" Hoseok asked, looking in between the two of us. I gulped, looking away from the redhead. I could feel his gaze on my face, yet I refused to look his way. "Or do you want to finish whatever you've got going on here?"

With a quick shake of our heads, Jimin and I were following Hobi out of the bathroom. I kept my head down, hoping that no one would notice the girl walking out of the men's bathroom. I could feel my nerves increase when I glanced up, realizing that we were much closer to the table than I had expected.

Namjoon was laughing at something one of the guys had said, not noticing two of his other friends approaching him with me in the middle. The sight of him didn't help my anxiety, my hand instinctively reaching out to hold onto something.

It didn't take long before I felt a hand wrap around mine, my tense body relaxing slightly. I looked over at Jimin before smiling, receiving a nod in return. I was hidden behind Hoseok, using him as protection until I got close to the table.

I was basically attached to his back, unconsciously gripping onto his white shirt. I could feel him gaze back at me, hoping that he wouldn't move anytime soon.

"Hey guys, look who I found," Hobi said, my eyes flashing to the ground below me. All the voices that were floating through the air slowly came to a stop, eyes traveling to the three of us.

Well, the two of them with me hidden in between.

"We already know Jimin," I detected the voice to be Jungkook's, a scoff falling from his lips. Hoseok rolled his eyes before leaning to the side a bit. My heart fluttered as I slowly started to come into view.

"Not him... her," the tone of his voice changed as he stepped to the side, revealing my rigid stature that was still staring at the floor. I decided to take a chance and look up from the ground, coming eye to eye with Namjoon. He was watching me with wide eyes, ice cream slowly melting in his grip.

I gave a sheepish smile, waving at the boys sitting in the booth. I was greeted by everyone except namjoon, who seemingly was in too much shock to respond.

My cheeks were burning under his gaze, staring at the boys melting ice cream cone as everyone started to take a seat. Soon enough I was the only one standing awkwardly looking around as everyone settled into their spots.

I fiddled with my thumbs, assuming I'd been forgotten long enough for me to escape the situation. I was proven wrong when Jungkook looked up at me with furrowed brows. He licked at the ice cream cone he had before gesturing towards me.

"What are you doing Infiniti? Sit down and relax with us, " he said, pointing at an empty spot in the booth.

Which just happened to be the only spot left.

Which just happened to be right next to a rigid head of lilac hair.

Knowing there was no other way around the situation, I reluctantly placed myself in the booth. I sat down along the edge, feeling my shoulder brush against Namjoon's. Both of us froze, staring into space in hopes not to look at each other.

I wasn't exactly sure what was wrong with me at the moment. I never felt this nervous around him before, if anything being with him made me feel even more relaxed. My clammy hands sat in my lap, which was placed as far from namjoon as possible without having me fall from the seat.

"Hey, " I heard in my ear. I turned before I registered who was talking, coming face to face with Namjoon. He was watching me with soft eyes, a trace of a smile painted across his lips.

I smiled back in response, not trusting my voice to get the job done. He adopted a little closer to jungkook, who gave him a disgusted face to which he ignored. I watched him in confusion as he created more space in the booth.

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