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It was 15 minutes after 11, past the time I had told Namjoon to pick me up. That was one of the concerns I was having, but I was more concerned with the sleeping man one door away from me.

I could hear his snores from where I was standing in the hallway, ear pressed against the door. At this time of night it was usual for him to be out, but just to be safe, I slowly pushed open the door to take a look.

My head slowly peered inside, eyes scanning the room quickly. I flicked my vision towards the bed when I saw something moving, the door instinctively closing almost completely, but open just enough for me to peek through a crack.

My dad shuffled in bed, turning onto his left side, his sleepy noises silenced momentarily. Once he had settled, his snores started up again, giving me a second to relax as my shoulders fell. I pushed the door open again, toeing my way inside the room. I watched the floor carefully, glancing up every so often to make sure that my dad was still in his sleep state.

I slowly crept up to the bed, his eyes fluttering slightly. I raised my hand above his face, swinging my palm from side to side. I retracted it when his resting face twitched, my hand getting to close, brushing the tip of his nose.

He moaned quietly, turning onto his back before stilling. My breath hitched in my throat. Okay, that was enough poking and prodding for the night. I allowed him to sleep peacefully, backing out of the room with no noise left behind. I shut the door quietly, finally going downstairs.

I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, I pulled it out with a smile as I realized Namjoon had texted me.

I'm outside

I could only imagine the look I had on my face, typing a quick response before running into the kitchen.

I'll be out in two seconds

I snatched my keys off the hook, jogging back out to the front door. When I opened it he was standing outside against a black vehicle, keys looped around his finger. His arms were crossed over his front, against his chest where a pale pink shirt rested. He shuffled in his blue jeans, pushing his back off the car.

I felt almost bum-like compared to him, even though he wasn't wearing anything special.

My adventure time tee and skinny jeans didn't really fit the look I was trying to accomplish, but I was running low on time and ideas while I was figuring it out. He dazzled me with a bright smile, approaching the doorstep as I walked out.

"Someone called to hang out?" He asked. His thumbs dug into his front pockets as I raced down the steps. Sheepishly, I raised my hand, clutching my phone tightly in the other.

"That would be me," I could feel the butterfly's rise in my stomach at those small words. I forced myself to breathe evenly through the stress of conversing like a normal human, but my uncomfortable nature was very much present.

There was no way to hide it, I realized because I was just too socially awkward. And then he was cute.

We approached each other, finally face to face. He smiled brightly at me, wrapping his arm around my lower back and guiding me to the car. I followed behind him, looking back at the house where my dad stayed, hopefully still asleep.

He'll be okay.

I tried not to think too much about it and climbed into Namjoon's car, setting my body awkwardly in the seat. I was a wooden board as Namjoon walked around to the other side of the car, climbing in.

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