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Everyone at the table was giggling loudly, hanging onto each other as we leaned over the tables and the edge of the booth. Time was lost as we all shared stories with each other, remembering the best moments we've had.

They seemed to have a lot together.

"I remember that!" Jungkook shouted, catching a majority of us by surprise. The boy was grinning madly at the memory that was brought up. "Hoseok was so upset that time."

The aforementioned boy huffed, rolling his eyes. "It was justified! How dare you ask her on a date knowing she was my crush? Then claiming it was a prank."

Jungkook shrugged with a giggle, tapping the edge of his phone on the table. Hoseok's face was a bright red, but I wasn't sure if it was from anger or embarrassment.

I watched Hobi with curiosity, shoulder pressed against Namjoon's chest. The lilac headed boy was facing me, his back towards Jin's rigid stature that was pressed against the wood. He was highly uncomfortable but refused to say anything to Namjoon about his close proximity.

We'd been sitting in the same spot for about 15 minutes, not really wanting to move from the position that had us so close together. I felt a bit guilty about having Jin stuck in the corner, but I quickly forgot about it when Namjoon interlocked his fingers with mine.

"That's cute, " I spoke, catching all the boy's attention. Namjoon looked down at me with curious eyes, his head tilted to the side like a puppy. I ignored him momentarily, trying to keep my thoughts on track. "I never saw you as the crushing type. I thought you were more of the crushed on type instead."

"He's not that good, " Jungkook interjected, stopping Hoseok from saying whatever he was planning to. The redhead looked towards him, a glare written all over his face. The boy sat back in his seat, sending a cocky visage in the other boy's direction. "But as for me..."

Hoseok threw his body over Yoongi, reaching for the youngest boy. Jungkook lifted himself from the table, attempting to run from the boy but failed as his friend got a hold of his shirt. He hollered, wiggling in his spot as Hoseok tried to drag him over the booth.

I watched in entertainment as the boys fulfilled their usual antics. Any attention they avoided before I came in was now completely on us, customers staring in agitation at our loudness.

"Settle down boys, " called Jin from the corner, the two rowdy males calming down immediately after they were reprimanded. Hobi released Jungkook's shirt, pretending to fix himself up before sitting back in his seat.

The younger boy looked a bit more dysfunctional, shirt crumpled up and hair tossed in unusual directions. This was the most disheveled I'd ever seen him, and it was quite attractive and funny at the same time.

Jungkook ran his fingers through the locks on his head, trying to fix the mess that Hoseok had made of him.

"Now as I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted, " the redhead sighed, shooting a final glare at the youngest boy. The raven-haired boy chortled, settling back into his seat. With one passing glance, I could tell he had something else to say, another remark that would probably set his friend off again, but he held himself back.

He sucked his lips into his mouth, peeking a look at Jin, who was watching him closely. He too could tell that the youngest male was up to no good. Hoseok adjusted in his seat, taking my attention back to him. "usually it's not like that. I don't normally catch feelings for another person unless I think they're really special. They just have this oomph that draws me into them."

The man looked me directly in my eyes, a laid back smile littered across his face. I nodded, feeling heat under his stare and sinking back into Namjoon. I could feel him wrap his arms around me a bit more, melting my rigid structure into butter.

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