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"So how old are you?" One of the redheads asked, who I soon learned was named Hoseok. He smiled brightly at me, and I couldn't help but smile back as I admired the pearly whites he sported.

There was a natural light that radiated off of him, it seemed that he was never not happy. It was fresh to see someone like that, especially with how our world was turning out now.

I shuffled a bit in my spot on the couch, twiddling with my fingers. Everyone's eyes were on me, which made me feel a tad bit uncomfortable. I felt a bit better though knowing that Namjoon was sitting to my left with his kind smile directed at me.

It's not that they were creepy at all because they definitely weren't. They actually seemed very sweet, kind, and caring. It was just the fact that they were all strangers, which my social anxiety didn't agree with well.

That's what confused me when I had first met Namjoon. It seemed as if I had known him for years when it was only my first time seeing him, the nerves not kicking in until after I talked to him.

I guess he just had that effect on people.

"I'm 22," Instinctively, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. There was a laugh, from the other end of the couch, and all of us looked over as a blonde haired man grabbed the second redhead, rubbing his hand violently over his hair.

"And poor Kookie is still the maknae," he laughed, making the redhead push him off. He was smiling brightly, looking somewhat like a bunny.

It was actually the most adorable thing.

"Hyung we're the same age!" He smiled, pushing the older man's hand away as he tried once again to mess up his hair.

The blonde gave a large boxy smile, nodding his head. He peered around Jungkook – if I remembered his name correctly (along with the obvious nickname) – looking directly at me. I felt my face heat up as his blue eyes made contact with my brown ones, his boxy smile appeared once again.

"What month were you born, Infiniti?"

"May," I said slowly, breaking eye contact. His voice was dangerously low, and I'm pretty sure any normal person would bow to his every command the second they'd heard it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't normal.

It was getting intense honestly, I looked down at my hands again as I tried to relax. I felt something rest on my shoulder, looking to my left and making eye contact with Namjoon.

He gave me a soft smile, his thumb rubbing over my covered skin. The small gesture worked in calming me down, and I gave him a small smile as I felt my face heat up once again.

The man long ago changed his shirt, leaving me in the living room alone with his friends as he went to find another. That's when they proceeded to introduce themselves, which didn't do me very good as I struggled to remember their names.

"Maknae," the blonde grinned, to which Jungkook only stared at the television. I could tell he was trying to seem annoyed, but the grin that was slowly creeping onto his face showed otherwise.

They were both adorable, I couldn't deny that. I could easily tell that they were all close to each other from the first moment I'd seen them, and being able to sit down with them only confirmed what I'd already known.

They were like a family, they were a family.

"So uh, how long have you guys known each other?" I asked, turning towards Namjoon. His eyes widened slightly as he realized I was asking him a question.

He took a quick glance at each of the boys in the room before a smile fell onto his face. He looked back at me, and there was a completely different look in his eyes.

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