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"Hello?" She answered the phone with a yawn, reminding me of the time difference that we'd had between us. I held my legs to my chest, pressing the phone to my ear tightly as I sniffed into the phone. My mind wandered slightly, making me momentarily forget that I had even called her in the first place. "Infiniti?"

My breathing was slow and deep, scared that if I breathed even slightly different then the sobs would return. I hated fighting with my dad, I absolutely hated it. It always made me feel so guilty, so upset with myself. If I got in trouble, it was never for nothing. I knew right from wrong, I had the two best parents to help raise me as a smart, behaved child.

Getting yelled at wasn't a normal thing for me honestly, that's why it affects me so much when I do. I may have been an adult by law, but I was still a kid at heart.

"Infiniti?" She called again, snapping me out of my ruse. I didn't move an inch as my vision became clear, my chin resting on my knees.

"Dad yelled at me last night," I said quietly, attempting to subdue the emotions I felt. I sniffed again, listening to her light breathing, as she stayed quiet on the other end.

I was suddenly greeted with shuffling, the sound causing the first bit of movement from me in about 20 minutes. I slowly pulled the phone from my ear until the noise stopped, waiting until I heard her voice to bring it closer.

She sighed, and I could sense the strain she was putting on herself to stay awake. "What happened?"

"I missed curfew," I said, picking at my thumbnail with my index finger. She hummed, another yawn ringing through the phone.

I shut my eyes, the rage in his eyes flashing through my mind. I squeezed my eyes tightly together, trying not to think about it too much.

"Is that all that happened?" She asked, voice soft. I thought to myself, wondering if I was ready for yet another scolding, this time from my mother.

"Twice," I admitted, my eyes still shut.

"Ah there it goes," she muttered to herself. I released my legs, stretching them out against my bed. This is the most I'd moved since waking up this morning, my mind still fixated on the events of last night. "Why, Infiniti?"


My mouth was sent onto its own journey at the question, my mind still trying to fully wrap around it even though I'd already started explaining it. I was speaking so quickly the thought that my mom wouldn't understand me vaguely crossed my mind. "There was this guy that I met who is just really sweet to me. I met him two days ago and when I missed curfew the first time he let it go. But when he realized I'd missed it again because of the same person he got mad told me I couldn't see him again and then I talked back and he yelled."

As I finished speaking, I felt relief wash over me that I'd let it off my chest. Now that I was more relaxed, I was breathing normally again, my mind finally working properly and not at a snail's pace.

It was quiet on her end for a moment, probably trying to process everything I'd just put on her. I could practically hear the wheels turning in her head as she thought in silence.

When she finally did speak, it was low and threatening. "You talked back to him?"

"It wasn't on purpose!" My eyes widened as I straightened in my bed. I'd momentarily forgot how big my mom was on respect, and talking back to your father was definitely a no go. "I was just asking him not to forbid me from seeing him again, but my tone may have been slightly out of line."

She let out a large sigh, and I could imagine the stressed look she had on her face. I sat anxiously as I waited for her reply. It took a moment, but eventually, her voice came through the receiver.

"Where's your father?" She asked.

"He left for work about ten minutes ago,"

"Okay," she sighed, her voice falling off at the end. I didn't know exactly what time it was over there, I still wasn't that good with the time differences. "I have no clue who this kid is, nor do I want to know. You can explain things more in-depth later because right now it's after ten and I have work in a few hours.

"What I do know though, is that you are going to apologize to your dad when he gets home. Understand?"

I sighed to myself, leaning back and looking at my ceiling. If there's one thing that even comes close to my hate for being yelled at, it's my hate of apologizing.

That one came at a close second.

"Yes," I muttered, now dreading the moment my father stepped into the house. It was silent on the other end of the phone, I presume she was nodding at me.

"And as for that boy you've got there..."

I could feel my heart start to race again at the mention of him, wondering what my mom was going to say. I sat in silence as I waited for her to speak again, my eyes glancing around all the corners of my room.

"You're going to follow your father's orders and stay away from him,"

"Mom!" I started, shooting up in bed, out of all people, I thought that she would at least cut me some slack. There's no way she hasn't done this for someone when she was my age.

"What?" She asked, and from the tone of her voice, I knew there was no fighting back. If I tried it she would definitely spit words through the receiver that would slap me in the face since she couldn't physically do it herself.

I stopped, sighing to myself as I knew there was no getting out of it. "...fine."

"Atta girl," I could feel her soft smile through the phone, but this time it didn't lighten the mood like it usually did. "Now I'll call you later okay? I have to get some rest."

I was tempted to just hang up, but I knew acting like that would get me nowhere except six feet underground. "Bye, mom."

I pulled the phone away from my ear and pressed the end call button, flattening my body against the bed. I had a good few hours before my dad would be let off work, so I had enough time to do what I do best; depress myself even more by doing stupid shit.

I grabbed my phone again and scrolled through my contacts, not getting very far before I found the name I was looking for.

Namjoon :)

I smiled back at the smiley face.

I should probably call him, tell him not to try reaching me because I have insane parents. I shouldn't get his hopes up for something that can't happen. I should call him.

But I don't.

I just stare at his name, the smile falling from my lips. In a matter of seconds, I was removing his name from my screen, tossing the phone off my bed and onto the carpeted floor.

This is definitely not how I wanted my summer to go.


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