19. Have a Little Abduction

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So longgg chapter for you here, I was going to split it but decided against it, so you must thank me by commenting lots please :P Hope you like it :) Oh and song is appropriate for Hope and her mum, agree?!

I’ve not seen Cole for the past few days as he says he’s job hunting and attending interviews, insisting he cannot bum around all day, all summer; while I’ve been busy teaching dance classes, which is the best confidence booster I could have asked for. I’ve been choreographing dances for the girls to learn and they all seem to really like the routines, which make all my effort worthwhile.

It’s the day before my mum’s wedding today and I’ve still not called her, nor have I told my grandparents about the news of a wedding. I received an invite in the post earlier on this week, thinking it was another letter from Ben and Alex, but I was fooled to see a wedding invite drop out. Cole thinks I am being stubborn and silly not trying to ‘reconnect’ with my mum, but this is probably the one time I will ignore him. I’m not sure what my Grandparents reaction might be about the wedding, but I don’t want to tell them, just to be on the safe side. I don’t want them to force me to attend it, because I really, really do not want to go.

Cole is coming around this evening and bringing a take away for us to indulge in. At 5pm, I open the door and instead of seeing Cole with a Chinese take away bag, he’s stood there empty handed. I can’t hold back my excitement from not seeing him these past few days and bring him into a hug and kiss his lips. Cole smiles against mine.

‘No takeaway?’ I ask as I pull back, taking his hand in mine.

‘Nope, I didn’t know what your grandparents liked, so you’re coming with me.’

‘Lazy bones,’ I tell him, and then reluctantly, get in the car with Cole to drive to the take away place, despite us being able to walk there. But as we pass through the town centre, it dawns on me that that is not happening and what instead is happening.

‘Let me out of the car. Now,’ I tell him angrily, furious he’s doing this. He turns the music up on his radio and I pull at the door handles, hopelessly as they’re locked. ‘Let me out of the car, Cole!’ I yell at him. ‘I’m not seeing her.’

‘Strawbs, we’re going to the wedding,’ he responds calmly, riling me even more as he turns around the roundabout.

How dare he?

‘No we are bloody well not! Let me out. Now, Cole.’

He ignores me and simply says, ‘We’ve got an hour and fifty minute journey, so get comfy.’

‘You’re ABUCTING ME!’ I yell at him, whacking his arm angrily with my hand.  

‘Well I’m taking you back to your mum, so it’s more like I’m returning you,’ he quips as presses on the acceleration as we hit the motorway.

‘How do you even know where we’re going?’ I grumble as he makes no effort to listen to me.

He taps his nose and this just fuels my anger even more.

We are not so sharing a bed together tonight, that’s for sure. I’m going to punish him for this. Despite it being days since I’ve seen him, I am really angry at him right now. How could he do this to me?

I spend the whole journey with a scowl on my face, when he pulls up at this small house on a close off the main high street. I don’t have the foggiest where we are, but I do know I am already looking forward to leaving. Cole jumps out of the car and opens my door for me, but I don’t move. Realisation dawns on my face when he realises I’m not going to move.

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