12. Have a Little Dance

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If you like pointless trivia, read on :P the main reason Hope dances is because I was inspired by this dance group on youtube, specifically, (click onto the external link for youtube video) the girl to the right of the blonde in the middle, placed slightly behind, with grey joggers, white tank top & black hair. She is Hope in my eyes. If I didn’t give Hope pink hair, she’d be this girl 100%. Hope you like this chapter, it's extra long and maybe about PROM :P Let me know what you think :)

Cole and I are currently on our way to Jennifer's dance school. Along the way, we joke about our afternoon yesterday and who picked the most. It has to be said, those were the second tastiest strawberries I have ever eaten, second only to my dads, but maybe I’m just a bit biased. We also talk about my dancing, which is a little surreal seeing as I’ve never talked to anyone about my secret hobby. He asks me lots of questions about it, which is quite thrilling, finally sharing my secret passion with someone. In turn, he tells me that he is an awful dancer and avoided his prom for that reason, which results in my face falling.

Great. He would have to hate prom.

‘Hey, you’ve gone sad, what did I say?’ He asks worriedly, looking across as he drives.

I’ve been debating this all day, whether I should ask Cole to prom and it’s been playing on my mind non-stop. Sure, we’ve been spending a lot of time together recently, but I still feel awkward asking him to something deemed as a romantic date worthy event. I always thought a guy would ask me to prom if I wanted to go, but that’s pretty fairytale for you and not reality.

I take a deep breath and then explain nervously, ‘This is going to sound really silly and stupid, but, well, tonight is my prom and I don’t have a date. I wasn’t going to go anyway because I don’t feel like celebrating still, but my friend Belle is kind of insisting I go, and well-‘

Cole cuts me off as he sees I’m rambling and nods, beaming at me. ‘I’d love to go to your prom with you, Hope.’

‘Even though you avoided your own prom because you can’t dance?’ I question.

He nods like a bobbing car dog. ‘Yeah! I also didn’t go to prom because I was in hospital for tests, but telling people I couldn’t dance made me seem a little cooler for boycotting it.’

I full on belly laugh and Cole stops suddenly before grabbing his iPhone and snapping a quick picture. I raise an eyebrow at him and he smiles. ‘That’s the first time I’ve heard you properly laugh, Hope, gotta capture the moment.’

I twist my lips and blush slightly, amused he knows these small things like when I last laughed. ‘Will I ever get those pictures?’

‘Maybe,’ he smiles.

‘Stalker,’ I tease.

He gives me a wink and adds, ‘I’m bringing my camera tonight if I can too.’

‘You really don’t mind coming then?’ I ask, suddenly quite aware that he is actually coming with me. Cole will probably be the most handsome boy attending tonight without a doubt and he’s going to be going with me. Me. It seems too good to be true and I know that thought will go through so many people’s minds.

‘Course not. What time is it?’

‘It starts at 8pm.’ He looks at the time, 4.25pm and nods. ‘Is it suit smart?’

‘It’s kind of casual.’

‘I know just what to wear then,’ he says excitedly as we walk down the street after parking in the car park next to the dance hall where Jennifer dances. ‘Hey, and now I can cross go to prom off of my bucket list,’ he teases in a high pitched voice.

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